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Great Message Sunday by Chuck Baldwin - You'll Love This Message!


Chuck, once again, nails it on the head!

This is a great message that talks about the pastors of David and Saul's time, in essence, turning David over to Saul, in Saul's "See something, say something" program.

If you have a whimpy pastor, that won't talk about this stuff, VOTE WITH YOUR FEET, and GET OUT!!!!

Liberty Fellowship streams live, each Sunday, at 2:30 MST, with a growing number of Christians tuning out of their 501(c)3 corporation churches, and tuning in to the timely messages of Chuck Baldwin.

Go to www.LibertyFellowshipMT.com, where you can also watch all the archived messages (which are also great).

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Outstanding lesson

A sermon that is relevant to current events.

You don't need to be a Christian to enjoy this one.