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Update: Nye County, Nevada Votes to Kick Feds Out

Nye County Commissioners Vote to Kick Feds Out

In Nye County, Nevada, the deeply rooted corruption of the Harry Reid dynasty, and his evil surrogates, has taken a big hit. On the heels of the Bundy Ranch situation, the Nye County Board of County Commissioners passed two resolutions; one for Free Speech and one in support of Ranchers. Tired of being under the thumb of overlord, Harry Reid, Nye County stepped up and took action. In the video below, Northwestlibertynews interview the County Commissioner, Donna Cox, and the Chairman of the Nye County Republican Party, Bill Carnes. Sandwiched in between is an interview with Oath Keeper and Veteran, Leah Aldrich, who made the trip down to Bunkerville the day the BLM backed out.

Video below:


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Wow, what a great bunch that

Wow, what a great bunch that Republican party and County Commission are of Nye County! Great interview with the OK too. Thank you for posting, it is so encouraging!


I like Nye County

In particular, I like the fact that the county is friendly to mining, ranching, and all manner of outdoor activities. My visits to Tonopah, the county seat, are usually to do research on local history at the recorders office and the local library. The people there have always been helpful.

I also know several independent miners, ranchers, and others who have little use for Sen. Reid, BLM, USFS, and most of the alphabet soup agencies.

A very independent lot. May they be successful. They will need, however, the help of the legislature in Carson City and the Governor to act if anything is to be done to wrest control of Nevada lands from the Feds.

Good interviews ...

... and worth the 20 minutes to watch.

With this group of solid constitutionalists running Nye County, maybe they can get something done this time around.