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Fluorescent tubes light up under power lines

There are other video examples, but this old one from 2006 is from a News Broadcast with locals expressing their concers about cancer and EMF.

Posting for those who are not aware.


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The frequency is too low to

The frequency is too low to be able to do any damage. You have to get up into the UltraViolet part of the spectrum before EM radiation causes any harm. Ultraviolet light starts at 800 TeraHertz (that is 800,000,000,000,000 Hertz). The power lines put out 60 Hz - nowhere close. If that can be dangerous, then so can visible light.


Microwaves causing damage is

Microwaves causing damage is not baseless, so I'd say at a minimum, staring near the gigahertz range is where damage starts. But 60 hertz from a wire's magnetic flux is not damaging. I wouldn't even consider it electromagnetic radiation. Claims about effects on brain waves could be valid.

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I must be in big trouble

I must be in big trouble then, because it's my job to saturate my building at work in as many microwaves as I can to provide good wifi coverage throughout.

But, fine, let's say there is a debate about that range. We're still bathed in 60Hz radiation in our own homes 24/7. It's literally all around us. We should have long ago seen the effects of this on brain waves if it were an issue.

Maybe there is an intensity threshold where some process in the body is affected, but I would rather see an objective measurement of the field, rather than holding up fluorescent lights at it.

60 hz magnetic fields aren't

60 hz magnetic fields aren't really radiation. Radiation starts at RF. You get the same field around a wire with DC flowing thought it. With AC it just moves. Wifi's power level (made to function in the tens of feet range) is nothing compared to having a mobile phone (made to function miles away) touching your skull or sitting a few inches from your privates. Still, I don't get the hype of wifi. It costs a lot to implement a system that is even stable without having to reboot the router every couple of weeks. Then to but a system that can support a ton of clients...you're better off with a wired connection. It's faster, there's less latency, there are fewer errors, and it's cheaper. Even in the days where 10 gigabit is right around the corner, I'd still rather have a 100 mbit wired connection over something subjectively fast like 802.11ac.

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Radiation starts at RF? What

Radiation starts at RF? What does that even mean? Frequencies that low can be used to transmit information, so what makes you think it is not RF? The Electromagnetic Spectrum includes frequencies as low as 60Hz. You may not consider it radiation, but science does.

Most of our devices are wired, but our material handlers are driving around in fork trucks all day. They're certainly not going to stop every 5 minutes to plug in, so the whole manufacturing area has to have good wifi coverage. In all we probably have maybe 30-40 business devices on wifi, and about that many mobile phones using the wifi, since the cellular signal is so poor inside the building.

We don't use wifi routers, we have dedicated access points, and they're not crappy consumer-level devices. They never need to be restarted.

Science doesn't even.

Science doesn't even. Electricity and magnetic flux are not considered electromagnetic radiation. I can write on a piece of paper to send information. Does that make that electromagnetic radiation? See the flaw in your logic. The spectrum begins at RF. You can have lower frequency carrier signals sent over RF, like ELF and ULF, but that doesn't make those low frequencies actually be the electromagnetic radiation.

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we should all be wearing faraday suits

WOW! I Haven't Seen a VanDeGraff Generator..

...since 9th grade science class!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Long known that houses right

Long known that houses right underneath power lines or near transformer stations have had psychological or emotional issues.

Southern Agrarian

My house has

had emotional issues ever since they plunked a vinyl village down next door. (I don't think a house built in 1880 can at all relate to those made in 2005!)

*giggle* ; )

What would the Founders do?