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Sandra Day OConnor Question

I am going to have to go back and watch this one again but as I watched it real time, it seemed that Huckabee waffled, Mccain praised OConnor, then talked about Alito and Roberts, and Romney waffled then came to Alito, Roberts, scalia, and Thomas.

Ron Paul was the only one who flat out said, that he would not have nominated her because she was not a strict constitutionalist.

BUT post debate with David Gergen and some other girl, CNN shortened all the answers so it made it seem they were were all hard line for strict constitutionalist. They skipped mcCain's praise for OConnor and went just to him saying Alito and Roberts.

Seems to me CNN WANTS McCain to appeal to conservatives and all to get a free pass on nominees when really only Paul is guarnateed to nominate strict constitutionalists.

Heaven forbid Paul comes across as the only tough one on nominees!

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If I were dictator for a day

If I were dictator for a day I'd throw everyone out but Thomas. He's the only one who realizes that relying on stare decisis is a crutch. Look at Gonzalez v Raich for proof... we've got decisions based upon precedence based upon cases that were based upon precedence... after a while you forget what the actual Constitution says.