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Republicans in Iowa replace 'liberty' faction with new party leaders

The political establishment in Iowa is celebrating its victory over the only segment of the GOP that understands the difference between the Federal Reserve and Federal Express.

Here is the link to the Des Moines Register's article:

Republicans in Iowa replace 'liberty' faction with new party leaders

Some highlights:

"Just two years after Ron Paul's eclectic army of activists orchestrated a hostile takeover of the Republican Party of Iowa headquarters, the other factions of the GOP have shown them the door.

Iowa is the first state to fully strip power from liberty-movement followers who led a charge on state parties in 2012."

And what are some of the wonderful benefits of this victory?

"-Big donors who closed their checkbooks may start giving money to the state party again."

Time to show the peasants who REALLY controls politics in America.

"-The new board members may side with [Iowa Governor] Branstad and U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley and end the much-maligned Iowa Straw Poll, a GOP fundraiser that has taken place in Ames the summer before the Iowa caucuses."

You know, that nasty Straw Poll that was a great money maker for the GOP and the pride of our state party until Ron Paul almost won it in 2011. Now it is time to get rid of it.

"- Republicans who have logged a long list of grievances against the liberty conservatives, including the snub of Mitt Romney at the national convention in Tampa, feel avenged."

Because, after all, it IS all about revenge and nothing to do with principles.

Happy Days Are Here Again.

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Michael Nystrom's picture

And so then what spacehabitats?

We've seen these articles posted and discussed here earlier:

Iowa Republican Convention News

Ron Paul Supporters Ousted in Iowa

The Neocons take over Iowa GOP - latest news:

But I know you're there on the ground. What do you plan to do going forward?

He's the man.

What now?

Excellent question.
We still have a core of passionate, concerned, liberty-minded, constitutional conservatives here in Iowa. That is why a counterattack by the political insiders was such a high priority. The Republicrat duopoly did not really want to retire the "First in the Nation" Iowa caucus system. It has worked fairly reliably in the past to promote establishment presidential candidates while maintaining a semblance of grassroots relevance. However, the high profile and popularity of Rand Paul had given them concern that They could lose control of the process.

Unfortunately, many of the marginal "liberty" voters could not be inspired to turn out during an off year election caucus so we lost our momentum. The focus remains on presidential election years.

Personally, I will continue to work as a county chair to network with local Republicans and support candidates who share our beliefs. Hopefully enough of my friends will do the same so that when the Rand Paul 2016 campaign starts picking up steam we will have a head start.

As much as I admire Nelson Hultberg and his Americans for a Free Republic, I can't believe that a third party can do anything in 2016 except undermine support for a viable GOP liberty candidate.

Our path to freedom lies through the Republican Party, for better or worse.

The Virtual Conspiracy