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This doesn't need a title, it's simply a poem about governmental corruption-

[They] tell us to appreciate adversity and to respect the laws supporting it;
obey the precepts of affirmative action and the discriminatory tenets it brings about;
pledge our blood and encourage our children to pledge theirs
to honor and uphold the trickery and treasons that warrant a hand crossed the heart…

[They] grandstand humanitarianism while sanctioning sovereignty;
erect pillars of treaty to shovel over the principled steads;
segregate through welfare and integrate its “care”
to harness an appreciative clamor of an audience stooping unaware…

[They] antagonize and sensationalize what they once disavowed;
pummel the womb, the keep-safe of our only bestowed home;
exploit the ingenuities of all the poorer hands
for patent and enterprise on all the foreign lands…

[They] visit with condescension an affinity for the sick;
revel in dichotomy to solicit flags of politic;
suppressing every facet of the intellectual rebel and
forbearing their dissensions to mask the iconoclast…

[They] wreck landmark and fabrication though many opposing stand;
shone a cleat at the throat does meet for sake an obedient man;
parlay their treachery to the ends they have sown
that whoever swallows the sun may swallow the sun they claim to own.

Peace and Love always.

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To the downvoter...

I'll leave more room for sugar-coating the truth in the future, haha.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness


for patriotism.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness


You're damn right!

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness