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"We Have To Break Through Our Private Idea That Kids Belong To Their Parents"

children do not belong to their parents but are in fact property of the state or the “community,”



EMS Worker Tells Mom “We’re Agents of the State” During Home Inspection

After a concerned mother called 911 fearing her son was choking, an EMS worker proceeded to conduct an inspection of her house on the premise that she homeschooled, telling the woman “we’re agents of the state”.

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We all belong to the government

time to take ourselves back.

It was a goal

of mine to understand my children belonged to the community, so both could grow up to be community organizers and make me proud.

I failed.

In a nutshell...

Being able to control a child's mind is paramount to the rulers. They know they can't teach us old freedom loving dogs any new tricks. They go after the kids. It's about dividing families. Couple that with crap schooling (common core) & the corrupt CAS (custody, access, support) court system & "voila!", you get future sheeple. All the while their kids go to private schools such as chabad lubavitch so as to learn how to be future controllers in collaboration with the wealthy gentile kids who will grow up to be traitors to the American people like their parents. Their goal is to breed freedom out of our future. Barack Obama is a perfect example of this.

It's so funny really. Last

It's so funny really. Last century, a community of neighbours could individually reprimand YOUR kid if needed. Now no one can say or do anything to WHOSE kids??... no matter how out of control they are. I notice Michelle Obama is now taking ownership of children in Nigeria using phrase like "Bring OUR children home". Canada is also using the new buzz phrase. I hope Nigeria realizes what they will be giving up once they let us in...and accepts our help....hmmmmm

An Excerpt From The Declaration Of Independence:

When in the course of human events,,, etc. etc. the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the ,"LAWS OF NATURE"and...... etc. etc.

I live in a area that has many huge black bears !!
I'd just love to see the lady in the video argue or debate this issue with mama black bear !


...not the bears in a zoo eh?

...not the bears in a zoo eh?

Hope she asked for their

Hope she asked for their warrant and then asked them to leave. Without a warrant, even if you consent to have someone enter your home, you can restrict where and how long they look and end the visit. A warrant also needs to be specific. If the person searched without consent or warrant they could be sued in federal court.

It started with Hillary's

"it takes a village" nonsense.

Will 'they' pay to raise them?

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Central Planning = Central Authority = Central Ownership

Parents do own their children, especially in the practical sense. That is until the child is able to Own themselves.

If you have the responsibility to plan the life and property of another, then you must assume the Authority to do so. If you have the Authority to plan the life and property of another, then in you practice own that life and property.

The goal of most species that rear young is to care for and prepare them for Adulthood, aka Owning and Planning yourself. Children cannot in effect own themselves until they have acquired the necessary means to do so. Ownership requires the ability to take the responsibility for the property (i.e. oneself).

This is where it gets a bit tricky. While children are not able to Own or Plan for themselves, I do believe that they hold some Right or very secure Privilege to Pursue that Ownership and Planning ability. Along with the ability to Own and Plan for oneself, one also has the Authority.

Own: To claim as one's own; to answer to.

Parents have an easy claim to their children as their own.

Stupidity knows no bounds

My daughter; period. You can consider her yours all you like but if you try to act upon this fallacy then don't be surprised when you find yourself facing an enraged papa bear. And I'm talking the Disney style bear with the long, razor-sharp teeth and glowing red eyes. I may even be cruel and let her mother handle it instead .......

Assigning Liability

I wonder if applying for citizenship for our child is somehow a transfer of some responsibility to the state, as though the state has incurred new liability. If it has incurred liability, is it not justified at mitigating harm/expenses?
In deed, why do we "register" our children, unless we are looking for some benefit?
I get that stupidity knows no bounds... But perhaps there is some egg on our own face? I don't know for sure, but just putting the possibility out there...

State Citizenship

Anyone out there with experience trying to register their child for citizenship with the state, rather than for/as a US citizen? Are there still provisions for such 'status'?

I grew up here in the country

where the kids came together in different combinations and rode bikes and dug holes for caves. All kinds of fun stuff Any of the parents could reprove any of the kids but they also watched over and protected us and would have helped dig us out of our cave if it had collapsed~

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

There is a large difference

between treating a child like they are your own and actually thinking you own the child.

I too had a close knit set a friends with several sets of parents who would tan our hides and two women I called mom; my mother and my best friend's mother. I really do miss those days.

Granted, her message has a

Granted, her message has a poisonous "collectivist" bent and I find collectivism of any variety repugnant. But there is simultaneously a thread f truth to what she says. The one thing that I could possibly agree on with Hillary is "it takes a village". Not as an excuse to rob the influence from parents or to justify spending on schools and programs. But on the notion that the nuclear family where 2 parents go alone essentially in the rearing of their children. A sense of community is missing and it is certain that children will grow up absent a respect for the potential that true community can realize.

Children are not property. Not of the parents, nor of the state.

Associate with others as you wish...

A community is nothing but a collection of individuals. Individuals have potential that can be realized. Arguing that a community is somehow greater than the sum of its individuals leads to the type of garbage being spewed forth from Ms. HP.

Children are a responsibility...

Children are a responsibility until they are no longer children. that responsibility belongs to the parents and no other.

No person is property, period.

Live in Liberty
Tom Rankin

Ownership and Responsibility

The topic of children is very difficult. I believe the root issue is the scribing of rights. At what point do we scribe the right to life and liberty? At conception? When born? or when they are mature (i.e. 18)? From a point of law, it is apparent to me that responsibility and ownership go hand in hand. No ownership, no responsibility. Which is a tough one when relating to children.
It appears to me that the assignment of Personhood to women ~100 years ago caused a fundamental shift at law, which is still being sorted out, or only becoming more apparent today. The shift towards the explicit recognition that children are owned by the state (US Citizen status) is steadily progressing.

I disagree

Responsibility and ownership do not go hand in hand.

My landlord might own my home but I am responsible for taking care of the place to some degree. The Banks might own our money but we have the responsibility of managing our finances. I might own a shiny car but it is the responsibility of other drivers not to crash into it.

So, responsibility and ownership often do belong together but just as often they are separate.

Thank You

You have given me much pause to contemplate your points/examples.
On the example of renting, I would suggest that it is in deed a form of ownership (confer leasing). When signing up to rent a place, you are entering into an agreement. The landlord has certain ownership and certain responsibilities, and so does the tenant.
Same with money. We essentially 'rent' (or use on condition) their money. This is a form of ownership and associated responsibility.
As for the example of the shiny car, I see us as owning our own domain, civil liberties and property included. I don't have a responsibility to not hit your shiny car so much as I have a responsibility to my own domain. If I trespass on your domain/property, I will have to pay accordingly. I own my own domain. And it behooves me not to trespass on yours :-)
Thanks again for making me think. That example of the shiny car took me the longest time to put my finger on.