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Boehner Challenger Fired Over Ad

J.D. Winteregg has been fired from his adjunct professor position at Cedarville University in Ohio due to his colorful web ad, accusing Speaker of the House John Boehner of “Electile Dysfunction.

Liberty candidate Winteregg is running for Boehner’s congress seat.

“Sometimes when a politician is in D.C. too long, it goes to his head,” said the voice-over in the commercial titled “When The Moment Is RIght,” which is made to look like a Cialis or Viagra commercial.

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The ad was too funny.

It should appeal to all age groups.

In all seriousness, this fellow should call his lawyer...

I wonder if he was tenured.

Typically, it's damn near impossible to fire a professor unless he/she was diddling the students. This should be a pretty easy case.

They should have given him a

They should have given him a raise. Well, now he's got nothing better to do than to WIN.

Blasphemy against God - the State


Egg Bombs & Boehner's Flak

Winteregg's advertisement and Boehner .... hahaha ...

Apparently, this explosive combination hit its intended target, Boehner's infidelity ... ;)

It's not really a fundy uni

Cedarville is where dancing Baptists go to get good and fed up with legalism.

If you're familiar with how the Southern Baptist leadership doesn't reflect individual Southern Baptists even close to on average, this will make more sense. Cedarville is filled with people who are pretty cool as individuals, but who put up with a lot of towing the line for the sake of unity.

Or maybe the leaders are a bunch of neocons who are connected enough to have to do Boehner a solid. I didn't talk politics with the Cedarville leadership I knew. The rank and file tend to be as hipster and socially tolerable as mainstream Republicans can be.

Defend Liberty!

Fired for that???

The world is so sensitive these days.

It is perfectly fine to sell out your constituency, your party and your country on a regular basis. But whatever you do, don't make a joke about the hypocrite who does it.

I love how Boner denies the

I love how Boner denies the pronounciation of his name