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I am proud of Ron Paul

I jsut watched the entire 7 minutes and few seconds of air time that Dr. Paul got on youtube. CNN and Anderson Vanderbilt are sickening. But at the end of it all I am not upset, mad or disappointed. Rather, I am left with a warm feeling of gratitude for Dr. Paul, for his work, and the tremendous effort he is putting into this campaign for all of us. Thank you and God bless you Dr. Paul! Do not be troubled. You have taken on the entire corrupt establishment. CNN is but one head of this Hydra. Expect nothing from them. As long as you are willing, I am right behind you, all the way to the convention. Please know that we love your ideas, your program for our country, and yes we love you. Keep up the good work, and fight the good fight. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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I think this was a good debate

Before screaming at me, wait:

Everyone would be able to see thru the charade of McRomney's little scuffle. Actually, it was boring... I got tired of listening of them bantering back and forth... I'm betting a bunch of other people did too. How long did that stupid thing last? 10 minutes? After about 5, people quit listening and just wish they'd go on to a new topic. It was going nowhere... and frankly, didn't solve anything. People are going to see thru that.

Second, it was tight quarters. I initially thought, ugh, not good. But the tight quarters was hard for the camera men to separate everyone. They accidently caught Huckabee and Ron shaking their heads about the whole thing. I know a tiny bit about directing cameras, and the cameramen are listening to a director. They cannot act on their own. They MUST listen to a director. When you have 5 or 6 or more cameras on, you have to be on top of every angle and call the shots.

Showing the smirks on McCain and Romney's faces did not help them at all. The director was struggling with whether to keep the cameras on the smirks or not. He knew it didn't look good to stay focused on them in the smirks. It wasn't playing well at all. It was not at all presidential looking. McCains smirks are just plain evil looking. He looks like a alien snake, Grinch-like. Romney's smirks are just childish looking.

Smirks like that would not do well when talking to political heads of foreign countries. Look at McCain's eyes... they look dead, lifeless. There is no color to them. They look black with no pupil. Alien. At least Romney's have a bit of sparkle to them, life, even with a smirk.

Ron did very good considering the amount of time given and blasted them fairly well. He got his digs in and got a lot of the message out. Made people think.

Huck did ok too and blasted them as well. So Huck, how does it feel not to be the darling of the media anymore?

Look at McCain's eyes.

"Look at McCain's eyes... they look dead, lifeless. There is no color to them. They look black with no pupil. Alien."

And when he blinks... there's these secondary eyelids that flicker in from the sides... almost "lizard-like" Hmmmm... kind like the "V" mini-series (no, NOT the Vendetta thing -- the old scfi-fi series).

And BTW, I agree about the smirks and stuff... To me the only thing that would have been better (almost the equivalent of John Galt leaning forward to reveal the gun) -- would have been for Ron to pull out a book, start reading & underlining or something ...lean over and point out a passage or two to Huckabee... and WAIT for Anderson to interrupt... then say something like: "Well, since it's obvious you are planning on ignoring Gov. Huckabee and myself, we felt we would make wise use of the time! Listening to these jokers babble lies back and for like a couple of school-girls isn't worthwhile."

e know full well the bias in the media already

We knew it before the debate and we know it after. We can do what WE can do:

1) donate
2) canvass


I know some people are disappointed because he won't scream and shout about the bias. RP is just not that person. It isn't his personality. If you would handle it differently than you should run for a public office. Lord knows we need more than one voice in politics. History will prove RP's grace and class. I believe we will win this fight, but it is going to take a lot of work and more than just RP. He has shown us the path and we must walk it. There is something big brewing underneath the surface in this country, and its us we are the ones with the vision and passion. Not Obama and the neo-cons. So chill out and stay active. If we stay together and organize and keep growing just imagine were we will be the next election cycle. Imagine if our meetup groups and base are already in place and we have a full year to campaign at our current strength. There will be no stopping us media or not.



RP needs the encouragement...we don't need to bash him too.


thank you Dr. Paul for 72 years of labor for freedom, life, and liberty.

Ron Paul

Ron Paul REVOLution!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Dr. Paul,

your wisdom, leadership, and courage are very inspiring. I'm proud to be a part of your campaign!

I agree!!!

He loves this country and the American people!! DR. PAUL I support you wholeheartedly!!


thank you

I, too am proud of him and proud to be counted as a supporter.