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Question: How many have we killed?

Answer: We'll likely never know.

by David Cole

On Monday, The New York Times reported that “the Senate has quietly stripped a provision from an intelligence bill that would have required President Obama to make public each year the number of people killed or injured in targeted killing operations in Pakistan and other countries where the United States uses lethal force.” National security officials in the Obama administration objected strongly to having to notify the public of the results and scope of their dirty work, and the Senate acceded. So much for what President Obama has called “the most transparent administration in history.”

The Senate’s decision is particularly troubling in view of how reticent the administration itself continues to be about the drone program. To date, Obama has publicly admitted to the deaths of only four people in targeted killing operations. That came in May 2013, when, in conjunction with a speech at the National Defense University, and, in his words, “to facilitate transparency and debate on the issue,” President Obama acknowledged for the first time that the United States had killed four Americans in drone strikes. But according to credible accounts, Obama has overseen the killing of several thousand people in drone strikes since taking office. Why only admit to the four Americans’ deaths? Is the issue of targeted killings only appropriate for debate when we kill our own citizens? Don’t all human beings have a right to life?

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The Obama administration objected...

"The Obama administration objected strongly to having to notify the public..."

Well, since they objected strongly...I guess thats a good enough. I'm sure if I object strongly to all the violations of my fundamentally protected rights...our so called rulers will be more than happy to stop violating them.


WE have not killed anyone. At least I haven't.

I'm sure the government's hands are stained with blood per usual.

PS. WE are NOT the government.

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Great point but I would also

Great point but I would also have to say that "the government" has also killed zero. "The government" is a legal fiction and cannot DO anything (nor can it think or speak etc.). The ones who actually DO the killing are the men and women whose fingers are on the triggers or buttons. They all have names and they all are known by the Creator. Personally I don't believe in a hell so I don't think that any of these men and women are going to hell but I do think that when confronted with their sins they will be extremely remorseful and repentant (as I'm sure I will be when confronted with the evil that I have done)...

Beware the cult of "government"...