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After 1 Year of Service, I'm Ready to Recommend Switching Your Cell Phone Provider to TING

Back in January 2013 I discovered a new cell phone provider called Ting and published the blog post, New Cell Phone Provider, Ting, Too Good To Be True or a Future Leader in the Industry?.

Now after seeing my average cell phone bill to drop significantly from about $100/mo to $54/mo over the course of a year, I'm ready to give my full endorsement to TING [my affiliate link]. Use that link if you're considering switching!

I did not factor in Nov. and Dec. in my average calculation because during those two months, I used excessive data to tether my computer to the internet while I awaited internet service to be installed at my rural property.

Here's how it works:


Initially I had problems with migrating my Sprint EVO Shift 4G over, and when I called customer support, I was surprised when an actual agent answered the phone. I thought I had the wrong number, as I was expecting an automated prompt telling me to press #1.

Unfortunately, the agent, after trying solution after solution, couldn't get my phone to work. I could receive calls, but I couldn't hear anything, though the person on the other end could here me. You can imagine my conversations of trying to guess what the caller was calling about and just answering what I thought they wanted or instructing them to text message me!

I soon figured out that it was my phone's speaker that was the problem, and not with the actual service. I bought a used phone through Glyde.com that was compatible with TING, and the problem was solved.

Ting works on Sprint's network, and I never really have a problem with service. I have had problems sending picture text messages, which I haven't been able to resolve.

Ting is not for everyone. If you are constantly traveling, talking on the phone, and using a lot of data, it may not be for you. I work from home or am always near a wireless hotspot, so I don't use that much data.

If you've been thinking about switching providers, consider TING [my affiliate link].

Let me know if you have any questions about the service.

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I use H2o Wireless, an AT&T MVNO. A true bargain.

My wife and I along with several friends have had this service for years.
Never a problem. Ever.

My Device: IPhone 4, GSM x2

Top tier plan.
60.00 mo. No fees, taxes, nada. Sixty bucks.
Unlimited everything.
Yes, true unlimited data.
20.00 free international calling that I have no use for. :-)
Use your own GSM phone.
Ported my number in minutes.
Recurring CC/Debit payment means uninterrupted service. No worries.

*iPhone users, H2o data settings will not enable MMS. So here they are if you need them.
Data APN = att.mvno
Voicemail APN = acds.voicemail
MMS APN = att.mvno
MMSC = http://mmsc.cingular.com
MMS Proxy =
MMS Size = 1048576
All else left blank. Restart phone.

They have several monthly plans at 30-40-50 and 60 dollar rates.
They have pay as you go plans also.

I'm not affiliated in any way with H2o.
Just sharing a true bargain.
I don't want my services separated and itemized like Ting, etc..
I want it all at a fixed rate with no billing nor surprise charges.

Clicky here for the website if you so desire.

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Switched to Ting a year ago from TMobile...

There are limitations with Ting as it is considered a pre-paid phone.

Checked out Ting

Not bad, but I would still pay $23 most months despite being probably just a few minutes and maybe 100 texts over the mark to make it only $12 or $15/mo. I'm on the low end of all the boxes of the table. Medium for minutes is $9 for 101-500 minutes and I average just over 100 minutes a month (the Small plan for 1-100 minutes is only $3). And for texts a Medium is 101-1000 and I'm texting about 200-300/mo. If I could do a Small Medium then I think this would best work for me.

Plan to switch

I have been planning to switch to Ting for a while. I'm waiting for them to support modern phones...

had ting for over 6 months now

heard about them from the jre podcast. i think you still get a discount with the codename rogan or something like that, check the show.

everything is good and very cheap except the data plan which is high.

before ting i had sprint with the unlimited data plan but was kicked off for using too much data.

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How about No Plan!??? ;-)

If you can leech wi-fi easily, just get a skype account (~$2.99/mo to call out to any phone) + Google Voice and your set! (of course you are going right through the middle of the evil empire, watch what you say!)

Any Android/iOS phone/tablet works just fine for everything except phone calls without service activation. You can even still call 911.

Google voice is discontinued this month.

Google voice is discontinued this month.

If you really need cell phone, T-Mobile provides you service for one year for $100. Approx $8.50 per month.

No plan and no contract, one gets approx 100 minutes per month. If you talk more you can buy more minutes. If you know where to buy, you can buy credits below the nominal value.

If you need telephone for emergencies this is it. I know there are even better plans, but for SIM card requiring service this is probably the best.

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Where is that T-Mobile deal?


Surprise! ;-(
Well, Skype will sell you a number for $5 mo. with similar functionality (almost).

I had Ting

Switched to T-Mobile because the price is better. The Sprint/Ting service coverage is better, but I get service everywhere here. Plus I miss using sim cards, as I don't use just one device or number. Dual sim phones/tablets are really convenient. I used to HATE t-mobile until this new price plan came about.

I don't see how any plan

I don't see how any plan T-Mobile offers can be cheaper than (or even in the same ballpark as) Ting? I'm just curious what plan you're talking about as I have only seen $40/mo plan as their lowest, whereas Ting is $15 for essentially the same plan.


"Looks like you belong in the 2% who would not save with Ting." On their calculator. Don't become a fanboy just because you like something. I'm just objectively giving out the facts here. Ting is good, but not cheaper for me. 4 person family plan, over 5,000 minutes used every month, over 1000 texts sent, and never less than 4gb of data used between two phones(the only ones on data plans) every month. I had Ting before, and if it weren't for the new T-Mobile plans, I wouldn't be on T-Mobile. But it saves us around $600 a year, and that makes a difference to me.

You have issues. I was just

You have issues. I was just asking you about your plan, I didn't fanboy for anyone. Tool.

I'm a tool for using math?

I'm a tool for using math? Well, thanks, I guess.

No, for calling me a fanboy

No, for calling me a fanboy and having a generally elitist attitude when I merely asked a question.

I said, "don't become a

I said, "don't become a fanboy".

In response to "I'm just

In response to "I'm just curious..."

Nobody Beats Straight Talk

They use Verizon . AT&T , Sprint , - pick the service that is strongest in your area ( they have a cell tower testing link )

No problems - texting - fast internet - upload - download anything

The price for all this is un-matched by anyone

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Ting is cheaper as far as I can tell

Correct me if I'm wrong, but cheapest plan I see is $30/mo, where Ting is $6

I am still intrigued though, do you know if they support the latest iPhone? This is my biggest holdup to switch to another provider (currently with AT&T). I can't tell much from their site.

ting is

6$ for one device then you add your service. $9.00 for 500 minutes, then if you text its $3.00 for 100 texts (incoming/outgoing), and if you use a lot of data like i do its an additional $29.00 for only 2 gig's worth. So a grand total of $47.00 a month. Where it's 45.00 a month for unlimited everything with straight talk.

However if you don't use your device a lot, it's definitely the way to go because you don't get charged anything if you don't use anything. So it really depends on if you use your device a lot or not.

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Ah I see! Yeah, the data

Ah I see! Yeah, the data stacks up faster than I realized.

Right now I'm paying $90 or so a month and I have an iPhone 5S which won't work with ting yet. I very well might go with the Walmart one. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Yeah, 45 for unlimited sounds very good. Probably even worth paying my ETF.

Boost Mobile - wide range of phones & plans

They offer "shrinking" monthly payments; have local stores.


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Been with Verizon for many years

because of best nationwide coverage and no dead zones.

I am considering going to WalMart Straight Talk because it uses ALL of the towers out there and I can pre-pay my bill for a year $500 -- with unlimited everything.
Verizon would be double that or more.

Sprint is best in urban centers for coverage.

But I would be all over.

scawarren's picture

All ?

There are two types of towers: those that service CDMA phones and those that service GSM phones. A Straight Talk phone can either but not both. If you switched your Verizon phone to S Talk you'd still be using the same (CDMA) towers.

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Which Carriers are CDMA? Which are GSM?
In the U.S., Sprint, Verizon and U.S. Cellular use CDMA. AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM.

That means we're mostly a CDMA country. It also means we're not part of the norm, because most of the world is GSM. The global spread of GSM came about because in 1987, Europe mandated the technology by law, and because GSM comes from an industry consortium. What we call CDMA, by and large, is owned by chipmaker Qualcomm. This made it less expensive for third parties to build GSM equipment.

bigmikedude's picture

Heh heh.

Rob, After 4 years of no cell phone at all, I recommend no provider, and not even owning one.

It's amazing to watch the rest of the world, dependent on, and hopelessly addicted to them. Entire crowds simultaneously staring at them like zombies, while sitting, while eating, while walking, that wouldn't know it if the sun exploded until they were already toast and got lucky enough to still see the text message telling them it did.

Great Grandpa didn't have one because they didn't exist. Grandpa didn't have one because they were rare, cumbersome, expensive, and as heavy as a brick. Father didn't have one because they were insanely expensive, limited and not dependable for service.

They all made it through every day of their lives without one. It never even fazed them.

So why do I need one? To be interrupted, pestered or delayed every few seconds or minutes?, and on top of that - Pay another expensive monthly bill for it?

Thanks, but, no thanks. Lol... I recommend life, without one. Try it. Realize what you've lost since you got one. And watch everyone else constantly fumbling with, and running for theirs, or irritated by it, yet unable to function without it, to remind you why you're glad you don't have one.

Throwing away a tool

It's a tool for instantaneous communication anywhere around the world. I don't see how you can knock it like that.

Seems a bit to me like saying "Shovels? I don't need no newfangled shovels! Shovels didn't even exist when my grandpa dug holes with his bare hands! Why do I need it?"

IF it were but a tool...

I fear for most it is an addiction.

The point being when needed in an emergency it is excellent.
When used to say "wuzz-up, lol" 50,000 times a day, it is an addiction.

It's a baby and bath water thing and the cell phone companies are getting richer and richer (not to mention the attitude of acquiescence when such technology - perhaps shrunken down and implanted in one's body - are required to function in day to day commerce.)

Moderation...a lost concept.

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but I can leave the house and don't have to have a belt clip for my shovel to take it to school, work, church, dinner, the movie theater to have it beep and buzz every few minutes vibrating with a message telling me that it wants to dig a hole right now, and I don't have to sleep next to my shovel or pay a monthly bill for owning it or carrying it around the yard. Lol

That, and I don't have to download a digtone or an app to tell me when the hole is deep enough. : D

But hey, what do you expect from a guy that still looks at the sun as much as a clock instead of wearing a watch. (That's true too. Do it enough you get really good at it.) I can't stand a watch on my wrist.

That's interesting, because a

That's interesting, because a phone meets all those criteria, although I must admit I find most of them rather arbitrary.