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After 1 Year of Service, I'm Ready to Recommend Switching Your Cell Phone Provider to TING

Back in January 2013 I discovered a new cell phone provider called Ting and published the blog post, New Cell Phone Provider, Ting, Too Good To Be True or a Future Leader in the Industry?.

Now after seeing my average cell phone bill to drop significantly from about $100/mo to $54/mo over the course of a year, I'm ready to give my full endorsement to TING [my affiliate link]. Use that link if you're considering switching!

I did not factor in Nov. and Dec. in my average calculation because during those two months, I used excessive data to tether my computer to the internet while I awaited internet service to be installed at my rural property.

Here's how it works:


Initially I had problems with migrating my Sprint EVO Shift 4G over, and when I called customer support, I was surprised when an actual agent answered the phone. I thought I had the wrong number, as I was expecting an automated prompt telling me to press #1.

Unfortunately, the agent, after trying solution after solution, couldn't get my phone to work. I could receive calls, but I couldn't hear anything, though the person on the other end could here me. You can imagine my conversations of trying to guess what the caller was calling about and just answering what I thought they wanted or instructing them to text message me!

I soon figured out that it was my phone's speaker that was the problem, and not with the actual service. I bought a used phone through Glyde.com that was compatible with TING, and the problem was solved.

Ting works on Sprint's network, and I never really have a problem with service. I have had problems sending picture text messages, which I haven't been able to resolve.

Ting is not for everyone. If you are constantly traveling, talking on the phone, and using a lot of data, it may not be for you. I work from home or am always near a wireless hotspot, so I don't use that much data.

If you've been thinking about switching providers, consider TING [my affiliate link].

Let me know if you have any questions about the service.

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I haven't seriously considered ditching my cell phone...

...but I did ditch TV about 5 years ago. I would love to get off-grid too with water, electric, and sewage, but I don't think I'm even close to that yet. Then maybe I'll ditch the cell phone! I couldn't do without internet though!

I'm not one of those who constantly messes with their phone, but I do really feel the technology is incredible and paramount to our movement. The ability to instantly communicate and share ideas and information is crucial in my opinion.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!



I have been using tracfone (prepaid) for 3 years, i pay around 13 bucks a month.

Keep in mind though, if you are in a position where you must use your phone out and about for data constantly, prepaid probably isn't the way to go.

If however, you can leech of wifis (including your own) and only use a decent amount of data, there is zero reason to use anything else.

Verizon phone?

I see they use sprint, therefore they can only use sprint phones. For someone with a verizon phone, like the HTC One. Would they agree to swapping that phone for a used sprint?

Edit: I just saw that the largest data plan is just 1 gig...HAHA. That would cost me FAR more money for just 4 gigs a month.

I Use

A prepaid. My card, plus tax, is under 48.00 a month. I get unlimited everything

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina


Do you have a link or something I can check out? Who's the provider?

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!