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Tom Woods Talks Thick / Thin Libertarianism with Gary Chartier

Gary is a good guy who comes from another wing of our movement, and I thought it might be nice to discuss the whole thick/thin libertarian controversy. So we did that on today’s program. Listen in!


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The first I heard of this "thick/thin" thing was just the...

other day.

To me this thing just seems to be different shades of gray. It's not going to be something I lose any sleep over.

I must be in a different

I must be in a different "thick camp" because I listened to the entire debate and still have no idea what they were debating.

see also


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wow, what a civil discussion

Tom and Gary are class acts all around. Perhaps some other debaters might pick up a thing or two on how to have a civilized debate.

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If you want civil debate,

If you want civil debate, then I'm sorry to be the one who has to tell you this; but civil debate is dead, becasue it is inherently racist.

Have a look for yourself:


Check this College debate -just skip around it is like 4 hrs long.


Enjoy the destruction of civil discourse. I can't wait to see this in courts and congress and other such environments. Could you imagine a CEO acting like this during a Press Release?

I guess I must...

...fall in the 'thick' camp? :) Gives new meaning to the term thick-headed, I guess...lol.

Gary Chartier mentioned that some people look beyond the NAP, etc. to a broader moral concept such as the 'Golden Rule'; and I think this kind of describes me pretty well. I see liberty as a blank slate which can then either be used by people in service of the highest natural law -- Love thy neighbor as thyself -- or not. If people follow this highest law, they will help buttress and support the libertarian/voluntarist nature of a society; if not, they will contribute to its erosion, its decay through ensuing strife and chaos.

People being enslaved to selfish ambition, caring more about their property rights than actually using them for voluntarily serving others, might be technically in sync with the NAP and thin libertarianism; but I don't think that is a recipe for a stable society. Need something more.

So, yeah -- guess that'd be thick. :)

Enjoyed that podcast!

Sorry, I'm just not seeing the point

of this particular discussion. Libertarians may have different ideas of what matters to them when it comes to social issues, but if both sides agree to NAP and live and let live, who cares?


There really is no such thing as thick libertarianism. Either you subscribe to the NAP or you don't.


for others and for future listening.

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