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George Bush, God, Star Wars, and Zeus

Okay, this is a little off topic, but will get your mind off the post debate debate for a mintue. So, I made a post about Joseph Campbell the other day


I ended up doing some further reading about how George Lucas was into Campbell and had rewritten Star Wars after reading his books to better fit the classic motif /archetype structure. Yeah, stay with me :) This motif Lucas speaks of is the "collective conscious."


According to scholor Joseph Campbell, the collective consciousness is the basis for all religion and most mythology - the reason they all share similar themes. Greek Mythology is one of the best examples of this, although it is repeatedly rehashed throughout almost every culture, even today's pop culture, in many aspects. We'll go back to Star Wars as a good example for that one

The point is, a some people claim Star Wars Episodes I - III have politcal undetones. However, George Lucas claims this is not true, he is simply following the classic motif structure. Having studied film, a strong argument is could be made on both sides. However, if the movies were not political and Lucas was simply following the Campbell motif, then that would imply Bush is also subconciously following it as well and falling into a strong archetype. That would give way to another argument that Bush in some ways, maybe subconciously, sees himself as a mythic hero.
What does this have to do with Ron Paul? Not much. But it was the daily Paul which lead me to this fun train of thought.

Thanks for listening.