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Up next: Maine and Super Tuesday! The whining (including mine) ends when we wake up tomorrow

Bummer about Florida, but we knew we'd get beat badly there given all the media spinning and red-carpet treatment for the "front runners." And the CNN debate sucked, but Dr. Paul was substantiative, dignified and passionate, and I have never been prouder of the man.

I say we do well in every state where the national corporate media does not flock to. States like Minnesota, North Dakota, Georgia, Connecticut, Alaska, a few others.

I've never been prouder to be a supporter of such a fine candidate, one who cares more about his country and people than his own personal gain.

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If you are a precinct captain in Florida

...such as I am, continue your work. get the list of voters in your precinct. knock on all of the independent doors that you can first (since it is a closed primary state), then republicans, then democrats.

do this!

and write voters in other states, send them your signs, call write and go door to door!

i am recovering from a serious sun burn on my balding head and face. my back and legs hurt and my voice is harsh from talking all day. i feel great though!

concentrate on the caucus states in your efforts, but do not forget your State...Dr. Paul will be at the convention! Become a delegate!

Good Idea! All we have to do is keep the struggle alive!

As long as that happens...we can only win!

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When your country needed you

When your country needed you the most, what did you do? Were you a summer soldier?