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DR PAUL CURED MY APATHY!!...(and my angst)

I missed the debate, but read the transcript on CNN's website. After reading it, I realized who I am not going to vote for next Tuesday. The only thing I got out of that fiasco, is that the other candidates are not mature enough to be president,

I imagined a scene of a father driving his kids to an amusement park. The kids were all bickering back and fourth, about who was going on which ride first, and who was going to get the trinkets from the junk stands. Suddenly, the father interrupts with the cold, hard truth. He says "where are you going to get the money for those souvenirs?" They all hold their heads down in shame, because they know that they do not have jobs, and cannot pay for their little adventure themselves. They know that they need to get the money from somewhere, so they better shut up, or they'll get punished by their father.

You see...All because RP dose not jump up and start yelling at Anderson, and demand a fair debate, dose not mean RP is weak. He is much stronger than those M-er f-ers. He is that little old wise man, and he is the 500lb Guerilla at the same time. They want to ignore him, they want him to go away, and they want his money to play the games. RP's not going away, and neither are we. Even if RP dose not get the GOP nomination, we have to show them that we are going to be a pimple on their asses,(whether or not they like it), for as long as we exist. We don't need a fair shake from Faux, or CNN. Those cronies are not are friends, nor will they ever be.

Look what we're up against, and see the situation for what it truly is. We've got them backed into a corner, and they don't know what to do. They are like wild, rabid animals. They are growling and snapping at us out of fear. We are not going to win this fight from a slanted debate. We are not going to win this through MTV. Brittney Spears is not going to endorse Ron Paul!!!

It is up to us to support our local Pauliticians, and RP of course. Imagine a house and senate with 10, 20, or even 100 Pauliticans. C-Spans ratings would go through the roof, and so would our freedom. Ron Paul achieved so much more than just "change the tone of the debate", because he and his loyal supporters (us), are blazing a new trail towards a brighter future. And one day, we will pass the liberty torch to the next generation. Keep up the good fight, and VIVA LA R3VOlUTION!!!!

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