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RP is spending his money!!

Im in Kansas City and heard RP ads all over the radio today all day. He is spending wisely just as he would if he were president. DONT LOSE HOPE! He will show them whats up soon enough. Just get out and canvass!!

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He started in Washington State 2 days ago

all day on radio!


I haven't looked at any polls for my state, but I can tell you the support here for Paul is HUGE! Everyone I work with is Persian, so they support him (for obvious reasons). My friends do, my immediate family does, my extended family does, etc. I see signs on streets, highways (until they get taken down), and cars. I have a feeling he will do very well here on Tuesday. It will be amazing when he wins California!

What stations...

I haven't heard any, but I haven't been listening to the radio.

On another note. ..

I was in Camas, WA last week and got a call at my in-laws. Asked who I would vote for in the upcoming primary.. named the candidates with RP 3rd. I, of course, selected Ron Paul and recieved a thanks and disclaimer that the call was paid for by Ron Paul for president committee..

What they don't show is that in that household there are 6 voters who will be voting for Ron Paul in Washington's Primary.


Camas for Ron Paul!

I've been canvassing in the Vancouver area including Camas and Washougal for weeks now (on the weekends). Most folks are undecided, but there are definitely a good smattering of RP supporters, and more who would be with some more info and encouragement. CANVASS CANVASS CANVASS -- and donate so we can get more ads on the air! Air + ground = win.

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election. ronpaul.meetup.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Great that they are paying for the phone polls!

This means as well as running ads they are determining what areas and states to hit with ads, they racking up the supporters known numbers to be contacted if need be and to send a reminder to get out and vote!

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spending wisely does not

spending wisely does not mean go out and spend all of your money now and be broke when the others drop out!

I doubt it...

If he was spending wisely , there would have been a TV ad tonight on CNN for Ron Paul.... Huckabee did it... why not Ron ?

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Ron Paul CNN Ad

I saw a Ron Paul ad on CNN during or right at the end of the debate tonight, a great ad.

he's on the radio in Chicago too

I heard his adds on WLS 890 AM, home of Rush and Hannity. Wise place to advertise for conservative votes.

Absolutely, get out and canvass.

The campaign is also running ads in Colorado. Today I called a several voters in my precinct. When I asked if they heard about Ron Paul, they said they did just that day. When people see the ads and then when they get a call from a real neighbor who is willing to talk to them about Ron Paul's message. They are hooked.

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Brian Sydnes
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Champions of constitutional canvasing, join us!



Does he have advertising in

Does he have advertising in all the super tuesday states?


SD Ron Paul liberty Operation up an running.

Donate here https://rally.org/southdakotaforliberty/donate
Volunteer for Phone from Home here http://www.southdakotaforliberty.com/node/4

Yes in the Golden State

I've been hearing his radio ads here in California (no TV in our house, so I can't comment as to television advertising!).

Yes indeed. I just saw a Ron

Yes indeed. I just saw a Ron Paul TV commercial in Hawaii tonight during the local news at 6 PM. The ad was very good.

I am planning to donate again on Friday. However, I

received a rebate debit card today, from my electric company of all people, with a total of $81.55 on it. Quite a surprize, but I'll be adding that to my donation on Friday. The main thing I can do is continue to send him money and that's what I do until I max out. We need someone who knows how to co-opt the MSM and get the kind of free media exposure that they gave to their posterboy: McCain.

Donate to keep him in the

Donate to keep him in the race. Money is the reason he now is one of four.