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Like the yellow wristbands that Lance Armstrong made famous and are "cool" to wear; let's start a trend of making the Ron Paul "Choose Liberty" wristbands "cool". For some reason people like these and they tend to join in (follow/conform--b/c everyone else has one).

I'll start. I have my wristband. Day one: Received no comments or mention of it,but people surely noticed it.

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its all good!

Champions of constitutional canvasing, join us!



In the 60's

we had/made 'peace bands'

they were a leather made from a leather shoe lace --single or doubled over and knotted--people put them on and wore them near till they rotted off.

just that simple...known as 'peace bands.'

would be neat to resurge the 'peace band' maybe with a RP bead or two to it and call it the 'revolution peace band.' Would probably go like wildfire---especially for those who remember the 60's peace movement.

I know if there are any 1960's 'old hippies' ha they will remember.

I wear mine everyday... and

I wear mine everyday... and my button... try this: if you know someone in high school... they absolutely Love it! I know this girl who is in high school and she asked me for one and a week later when I saw her again she asked for more because all her friends wanted one... BTW she also did a speech about RP in her Speech class which she was taking at a nearby college....and although she is not old enough to vote, she got a friend of hers who is to vote.....