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A single idea that would change the world if ever implemented

An individual should never have to fund anything with which he or she disagrees.

It's such a simple proposition. It seems strange to me that some would disagree. As a matter of fact, it seems so simple that many may not realize how powerful it truly is.

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Bravo! Excellent idea indeed. U.S. foreign aid comes to mind.

Consider how hard-working Americans (who are not that well off themselves) are forced to pay money to the federal government which in turn gives plenty of it away (by the billions) to foreign governments.

Just today for example, I heard that we give Nigeria millions each year and some of it goes to that organization which kidnaps all thoes women who the hypocrite rat John Kerry is urging Americans to help out now.

This circle of corruption should enrage American taxpayers.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

I'd Settle for an Itemized Tax Bill

As a first step, I'd be glad if my tax bills were itemized so we could all see where the money is going.

How could anyone object to that?

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I agree. It is called Ethical Individualism...

The following excerpt is from The Philosophy of Freedom
By Rudolf Steiner


An act, the grounds for which lie in the ideal part of my individual nature is free. Every other act, whether done under the compulsion of nature or under the obligation imposed by a moral norm, is unfree.

That man alone is free who in every moment of his life is able to obey only himself. A moral act is my act only when it can be called "free" in this sense.

Action on the basis of freedom does not exclude, but includes, the moral laws. It only shows that [free will] stands on a higher level than actions which are dictated by these laws.

Why should my act serve the general good less well when I do it from pure love of it, than when I perform it because it is a duty to serve the general good?

The concept of duty excludes freedom, because it will not acknowledge the right of individuality, but demands the subjection of individuality to a general norm.

Freedom of action is conceivable only from the standpoint of Ethical Individualism.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds. - Bob Marley

Cute Post and Libertarian at Heart but......................

It ain't gonna happen.
The only way that I know I pay for things I don't want to is through taxes, and that includes Obamacare according to the Supreme Court.
The thing is I don't really pay taxes and neither does anyone else.
I pay interest to the police arm of the Federal Reserve under threat of imprisonment or worse, on money they loan to Big Brother to carry out unconstitutional wars and domestic policies aimed to ultimately destroy me and my family.
The point is this; as long as the banks and power brokers behind the NWO are in control, you and I will be raped and abused and made to do what we don't want to forever; or until we die.
You want to change the world? The first step is to take the government back from the banks and corporations that have grown up around the Federal Reserve.

The Left

Tell that to the Commie Left and let me know how hard they laugh.


Blank out! Blank out!

This crossed my mind once

This crossed my mind once before as well. I think it would be a great idea. One thing for sure is that government would waste a lot less money.


Watch out man, the "common sense police" will soon arrive

Just like something that makes too damn much sense like the Non-Aggresion-Principle, soon the "limited government" hounds will tell you why your little concept is not binding, and gangs with tanks and missiles will be all too common in every neighborhood.... watch out... because um, uh, um, we don't want gangs with mohawks and tanks all over you.

Rob Schneider was pointing at my post

Always shocked when a celebrity has a brain

Doubly so when they have a brain and a conscience.

I had no idea. I will have to look him up.

But someone should point in the right direction.

We aren't 'sliding towards fascism'.

We have been fascist for a century. Since fascism was invented, or rather rebranded.

Socialism is government ownership of the means of production.

Fascism is nominal private ownership of the means of production, but government control.

Or as Mussolini said 'the merger of state and corporate power'. And corporate power is a product of the state.

Socialism isn't jackboots any more than fascism is jackboots.

Jackboots are just the end result of both. It's just that it happens a lot quicker under socialism.

Capitalism is just a ghost. She died around the 1900's, though she continues to be blamed for everything fascism does wrong.

you're right of course.

but are you married with children?

I'll take my Liberty, it's not yours to give.

There's enough of us single folks to make a stand...

I've pondered the question a time or two, though, what if mothers started standing up? Often the best folks to stand up are those which are tough to go after on a moral basis.

"These single mom's are terrorists!"

Just doesn't have a nice ring to it. And who needs the money more - a single mom or the State?

I think it comes down to a personal decision as to how far one is willing to go. Personally, I'm willing to engage in pretty much any non-violent means and try to do so as much as possible. Mostly, I just try to say what I think is true and hope others will help carry the torch. I've never been one to settle for less when I think better solutions exist (whether academically or otherwise).

I think the most effective action one can take now is encourage people think. Too many people get up, go to work, drone through the day, get home, eat, talk about work, go to sleep, and so-on. Whenever life can be effectively regimented, most people never stick their heads outside of their personal bubble. The next thing one knows so much bullshit has happened and is left wondering what the hell happened and how was all the bullshit missed.

If I could wish one thing on humanity, it would be a common request of most parents - "Please think about what you are doing before you do it." If just a few more people said no when they thought they had to say yes, this thing could be turned around.

I'm afraid history is going to look upon the US with respect to the Islamic people much like many look upon the WWII era German regime. I would like to turn that around.

I know people from the Middle East, and they get up, go to work, go home... just like the rest of us.

There are better ways to handle problems. There are plenty of diplomats - yet there's no sign of diplomacy. Rather than bullshitters, we need genuinely effective communicators, but if one is not for sale, his or her chances are slim.

Whenever folks reach a certain level of perceived power they think to themselves - I can fuck anyone I want, and who the hell is going to do anything about it? That just happens to be a trait that always results in one getting bit in the ass.

If one looks at history, the lessons are there to be learned. To understand the current BS, one should start by Startpaging "Iran 1953" before looking at the events in 1979 - not to mention the Mujahadeen support in Afghanistan and the installation of Hussein in Iraq all around the same time period.

I think everything is going to work out fine, however. Ain't no hill for a stepper.


sometimes my tongue gets firmly stuck in my cheek.

I firmly agree with you and would like to see the world in black or white, but once you start to interact with others the hierachry of values is swiftly roiled. Kind of like the Big Bang.

I'll take my Liberty, it's not yours to give.

Bill3 is starting to remind me of the granger


How do you figure, grasshopper?


The most obvious things often are

The amount of effort and action a person puts into working towards achieving a position of social power - is directly proportional to the probability they are the exactly type of individual that can never, ever be trusted with the position.


"If they are volunteering and working hard for the job .. they are almost certainly the last person we could ever trust with the job"

Go on a mountaintop and mediate on that one for a while.

... and get back to us when you find a solution :)

(been working on figuring this one out for some years actually ..)


Freedom is NOT: doing whatever you want to do.
Freedom is: NOT having to do what you don't want to do.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!





What if he disagrees with a prior contract commitment he entered>
What if he disagrees with his minor-age children using his money, and no one is willing to adopt?

What if he lives in an an-cap town where the renewal of the defense agency contract will require that everyone contribute all their funds beyond subsistence because a murderous a rival, aggressive defense agency is invading, and this individual decides he can betray the town at a lower cost by helping the rival agency?

What if the town has an epidemic disease and the only way to cure it is to pay for the cure and it costs so much that everyone would need to pay something, and if anyone doesn't pay, everyone will get sick and die.

Still an individual should not be forced to pay for any of...

those things - except perhaps the contractual agreement.

What if the Pope gets the clap?

So then on your view he

So then on your view he should be permitted to starve the kid
The town should be destroyed
And the Pope has the clap.

Got it. You should make a placard or flyer, people will come in droves.