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Crowdfunding campaign to produce free energy devices

I noticed HopeGirl's project (to Fix The World) a few weeks prior to March 25, 2014, which was when they posted the open source plans to create this device, based on Tesla's patent.

Today, I saw a comment on her site (see below) from a member who is building two devices, if funding comes through in the next 15 days:


HopeGirl's site:


They have a forum as well:


I helped out prior to their release of the plans, and have also just contributed to this. I know some people will say I'm throwing my money away, and perhaps nothing comes of this; I have hope.

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Its not a keshe or greer moment

(edit: this post was a reply to the comment below but ended in the wrong place)

Before they replicated it in Moroco, they replicated it in Tiawan to a group of asian engineers. If you watch the video below you can find out where to buy high quality machine wound coils.

April 5, 2014: QEG Resonance Replicated in Taiwan


QEG news



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Thanks, Visible.

I've been frustrated with this subject for the last 4 years. Obviously, I followed Greer and Keshe until I had enough of their release-date delays of their ZPE tech.

If this is real, I will invest, but I need some kind of promise that this thing is real and is available for purchase. I have saved for this exact kind of technology to purchase and am willing to pay top dollar for one of the first.

I have no doubt that something in the past has surpassed the same goal as the QEG resonance generator and it was suppressed. I'm always afraid that the "real thing" will just get shelved, yet again.

My donations always start small for a reason.

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Exactly: waiting for my "all-in" moment

It seems to have passed, though, as I left my 20s (or 30s); now I have stacks of various elements (AU, AG, FE, PB, etc), as well as some crypto-currencies, which I'll hold onto. I am still looking for ways to rid myself of these meddlesome Federal Reserve Notes, so once I see evidence of OU I will pass them on.

I sense transition in the air.

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Not saying it's impossible, but we need video of real-time operation, as well as a 360 degree pan around.

Trying to avoid another "Keshe" or "Greer" moment.

*EDIT* Some more info for the QEG project in Morocco with video:


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If they demonstrate OU (over-unity),

then I'm "in" (not "all-in", but considerably more in).

We certainly live in interesting times! :)

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I have seen this, but am not convinced.

According to the law of conservation of energy the amount of energy in an isolated system remains constant.
This "resonating" motor generating more energy than is put into it breaks that law of physics. It sounds like magic.
Any motor is less than 100% efficient. Energy is lost via heat and friction, etc.

Another category of these free energy machines is the smaller motor attached to a larger generator device. The idea is the small motor can get the generator to produce more power than it needs to turn the generator. I assume these are all frauds because they break the no free lunch principle.

I have been watching several companies that say they have a viable application for the excess heat created by unknown sources, discovered by Fleischmann and Pons in the late 1980's.

The effect is real, but there is no single theory as to what it is.
It is believed some sort of nuclear reaction is taking place and this accounts for the excess energy being measured.

The technological hurtles that still need to be cleared include:
1) Being able to consistently create the effect.
2) The amount of energy coming out has to be at least three times the amount going in to make it viable due to the inefficiency of motors.
3) Once started, the effect has to be controlled.
4) The device has to be able to stop the effect when needed.

The companies that are working on these Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) devices claim their research has produced a device that solves some of these issues, but I don't think anyone has solved all of them.

For about 20 years, this field of research sat unfunded while "hot fusion" has wasted billions and billions of dollars. "Hot fusion" research has never produced a watt of excess energy.

That is changing. There are annual symposiums by researchers who share their experimental results now. Some large money investors are funding of the companies struggling to produce something commercially viable. I am hopeful, but it may turn out to be a dead end, like hot fusion has.

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Agreed, any motor is less than 100% efficient

Just that we might not be able to see all the energy input to the motor!

For instance, the sun is doing a lot of activity, and some of that is reflected on the Earth (sunlight, gravity, etc).

Just because we can create a machine that takes advantage of some of that energy, does not mean we have created a perpetual motion machine: once the sun is gone, the machine stops.

(In our lifetimes, it's "effectively perpetual motion" and that can cause some, including some on this thread, to go into a tizzy. But it's still a lossy endeavor...)

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That is fine, but

what is the source of the energy for this motor? I don't see how vibrating at a resonant frequency will allow it to run.

[F]orce can only settle questions of power, not of right. - Clyde N. Wilson

The link below is to UFOPOLITiC's...

...energy group that has been working with over-unity asymmetrically wound "Tesla" motors for a while now. You may find it quite interesting and there are many experimenters and videos of various designs and systems. The whole concept is rather fascinating.


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Neat! Thanks for the link, first post there has a video

The user ufopolitics has a really neat video, although there's no speaking, it's all writing on the video (I found it easier to download then run it in VLC, hit "]" ten times to make it 2.0x, and then pause it so I can read when words appear).

It's really neat, he talks about "the Witch" as being B-EMF (or C-EMF) which steals 75% of our power due to symmetry. By creating an asymmetric coil, he turns the witch into a princess! :) And there's a ton of responses to read. Thanks!

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No Problem... lots of really interesting stuff

Looks like they had a small rewound motor throwing off two feeds of electrical output both greater than input...wild...given laws don'tcha know.

Efforts at full size generators was starting to go on last year and I was far too much the neophyte to stick with it. Any electrical engineers here may find themselves quite piqued by the forum.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

A lot of sceptical comments below

“Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance.”
- Albert Einstein

This project, QEG, is already being demonstrated around the world, look it up on PESWIKI. Its already working and producing power. Just because people don't understand where the power comes from they say
"it cant work, it cant be done".

The crowd funded project is being given away. They're showing engineering groups around the world how to build it. Its already been replicated several times.


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According to the scientific version of the media talking heads. The same one's that brought us "global warming".

The term "free energy" is so emotionally loaded. Everyone wants to know where the energy comes from.

If I very lightly tap a bowl of water, I can produce very large ripples, far stronger than my light tapping should produce, when I manage a resonant frequency.

Waves can reinforce each other or cancel each other out. A sound system relies on that. Electromagnetic waves are just that, waves. And they behave the same way as those in a bathtub or a sound system.

There is no point in using the word 'impossible' to describe something that has clearly happened.
― Douglas Adams, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
(great book, btw)

Just open the box and see

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Hadn't heard of PESWIKI, thanks!

I see that site has a update from last week from Morocco -- they've achieved resonance, and are working on getting up to 10 KW output. In an underdeveloped country with little to no Internet access! It was a short update so here it is (Hope Moore is "HopeGirl"):

[3:10:57 PM] Sterling D. Allan: Hi Hope. Has anyone been able to prove OU in the QEG yet, that you know of?

[3:14:59 PM] Hope Moore: Hi Sterling! It's Val - the guys here are working on it - they're very close. We have very little internet so hard to keep everyone updated. Measurements and other data are coming - you will be happy to see it. Really doing the best we can in an underdeveloped country but....if you can build a QEG here you can build one anywhere!! Watch for the whole story as soon as we can get it out there.

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Yeah becuase reality

Is that we live in a universe that operates on the principle of for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction. That as a fundamental idea for how our world works begs one question.

Where does this machine create more energy than it took to make it in a video?

Not links with a bunch of drop-outs with a tesla fetish. Someone that is stone cold sober willing to claim they have broken the energy transformation ratio and can get energy from something that has none. This philosophically is HIGHLY questionable before you can even get to the mechanical merits. OR the fact the any electrical company can make this if it is true.

Hell that one though alone should be enough to tell you it's beyond false.

Can anyone else name ANYTHING in our universe that we can prove gives more energy than what is contained. (in whatever it is) And I mean ANYTHING. The universe literally has a set amount of energy... Yadda yadda .

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Keep thinking inside the box...

There might be energy available outside that box.

Electric companies have ignored scores of advanced technologies, so that's not an argument of merit.

Physics changes as one passes through a black hole. And at the very small scale. And at the big bang. Who are you to state that it might not change in other locations, in other circumstances?

George Bernard Shaw comes to mind again.

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Keep thinking inside the box

Physics changes as one passes through a black hole. And at the very small scale. And at the big bang. Who are you to state that it might not change in other locations, in other circumstances?

Where to begin. Can you back up that statement with actual observation or tests?

Who am I to think that, nobody. But I don't need a degree to tell me the simple laws of thermodynamics. There is nothing difficult really about it. The amount of energy in the universe was set the day it was made. It cannot change, will not change.

However to play your game. Can you think of anything in our universe that we have observed thus far whereas the energy released from whatever it is, is more than what took to make it ? This is the claim from free energy. It's always the same we can get you 300mpg. Un huh. All you need is 200 chinese men to push you around all day and BAM 300mpg. Done. See how I did that 300 chinese men, that is where the energy comes from in that scenario.

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No, I neither observed nor tested the big bang

Solar panels produce more energy than it takes to make them.

So do windmills.

Of course, if you take into account the great nuclear reactor in the sky, then no, solar panels don't produce more energy.

So, you've played my game and I've bested you at it. Without even needing to refer to Chinese men (I knew one who could drink the ocean, but he killed a child helping him as he couldn't keep it in, and his four brothers helped him avoid a death sentence -- there were five, not seven).

<wopr>Want To Play A Game?</wopr>

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Are you aware google is one step away.


Only UNTIL LAST year could they even harness the technology to make them available to make back all the energy they take. Mind you you can pour out all that as gasoline and burn it up in an hour. Panels take a DECADE or more. Not too mention do you realize they don't clean themselves and are at the mercy of weather. Are you also aware that if the government didn't subsidize them NOBODY WOULD BUY THEM EVER. Why would someone want to throw money down the trash in HOPES of making it back over a DECADE.

Do you understand the law of energy conservation and energy conversation rates and ratios ?

Have you ever heard the phrase wishing in one hand and shitting in the other?

Anyone else...

Have their bullshit meter almost explode when someone uses the word free without proper context? And especially when followed-up by the word energy while asking for money. Now that's irony.

FREE ENERGY - Just send us money, and we'll tell you how! Nothing is free in this world especially energy. Even our cells have to earn ATP to move.

Holy shit this country is dead in the water in terms of scientific literacy. Free energy - no need to debate the big bang folks - we have someone that can create free energy.... Something from nothing, not until now, this is going to require the awarding of multiple Nobel prizes.

Damn utility companies, and their physics. Energy can be FREE PAY US AND WE'LL SHOW YOU -- YES YOU AT THE ENERGY COMPANY TOO. LOL

Free energy is like free lunch

This topic on "free energy" has been covered ad nauseum.

The free energy is like a free lunch, somebody has to pay for it.

Long story short: if somebody would have created such resonace device, people would talk to each other, would witness zero energy bills, word of the mouth advertising would propel such "free energy" manufacturing companies to strasphere. So far all you can see is advertisment of the companies that promis to create.

Before defending so called free energy devices I am challenging proponents of such idea to buy one, install it in their home, cut the cord off and live without energy for ever. Then anounce the results here. I will personally fly in to witness the free energy.

"Free energy" topic is one of the quick and dirty sniff tests to check ... eh... common sense ... of the liberty minded people.

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"Cut the cord"

I'm working on doing exactly that. Thanks for your support. I don't need you to fly in and witness anything. Take the cost of that plane ticket and donate to the project at the top of the page, you'll be doing more good that way. Cheers!

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Any true free energy device

Any true free energy device is not something I believe someone can put together in their garage. Its not going to be a simple arrange of magnets and wires and it isnt going to be cheap at first. It will be complex and hard to make.
Yes, there are plenty of energy saving things that can be done etc etc, but I think fusion has a better chance of being created before some free energy device is.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

There are thousands

upon thousands of garage inventors who might disagree with that, and I'm glad for it.

You might be right, but many of these inventors have spent thousands of dollars over the years and performed thousands of hours of experiments. Some of them are quite sophisticated.

Some have come up with significant energy saving devices in their quest. Every misguided attempt and ill conceived experiment posted to the web guides others.

Alternate energy (solar, wind, etc.) coupled with some of these energy saving devices can provide significant power. It could be possible to live completely off the power grid, just on what the garage inventor has shown us so far.

If a free energy device won't come from a garage, it won't come.
I doubt it's high on the priority list of the power companies.

Just open the box and see

To disagree is one thing.

To pretend like a force doesn't need an original acting force is completely another.(hence free energy) Hell look how many socialist disagree with us, sheer numbers doesn't make them right. Usually I will do the opposite of what most people are doing because more than likely they are being led down a rabbit hole.

Here is the technical explanation.



I don't think I did pretend that there wasn't an acting force. I mentioned several possibilities in a comment below. Dark Energy, quantum vacuum fluctuations, earth's electric potential, electric potentials within and without the solar system, or some as yet unknown force. "Professional" science hasn't revealed all the secrets of the universe yet.

Not knowing where the energy comes from does not render that energy impotent. Application often precedes theory. The beginning of humanities experience with electricity was all about that. They had NO idea what they were doing or working with, but they did it anyway. It started as a curiosity some crackpot inventors played with. Early theories involved "spirits" in the metal.

The machine in this Post is about resonance.

Cymatics is one way to visualize what resonance is and does.

There is also an interesting experiment using acoustical resonances to levitate objects.

The universe is far more interesting than we know, and has more secrets than we can guess at.

Some words and phrases are just emotionally tagged (on purpose, IMO).
I'm sure you've noticed the socialists tossing them out to sway the crowd when it serves them.
I will judge each "free energy" device on it's own merits. For many, it doesn't take long, of course. But, there may be a diamond in the rough one day, and new theories will have to be discovered.

Just open the box and see

I think you are in over your head.

First of a force is anything and everything with energy/mass. I would stick with what you know.

Excuse me?

Please clarify your comment. "force is anything and everything with energy/mass". what does that even mean?

I'm happy to debate physics with you, but come with better comments than "force is anything and everything with energy/mass". That shows a specific lack of understanding of physics.

Lets start with what "force" actually is. Wikipedia's definition is a good place to start:
In physics, a force is any influence that causes an object to undergo a certain change, either concerning its movement, direction, or geometrical construction. In other words, a force can cause an object with mass to change its velocity (which includes to begin moving from a state of rest), i.e., to accelerate, or a flexible object to deform, or both. Force can also be described by intuitive concepts such as a push or a pull. A force has both magnitude and direction, making it a vector quantity. It is measured in the SI unit of newtons and represented by the symbol F.

Also, bear in mind that mass IS energy, shown by Einstein's famous equation E=MC2. Mass and energy can be configured into a usable force, but they are not force in and of themselves.

Here is a little more light reading on what "force" is.

That's all 'Physics 101' stuff.
Perhaps you would rather "stick with what you know". I do know physics, quite well actually.

Just open the box and see

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And for supporting evidence: Apple

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs created the original Apple computer in a garage.

Hence my earlier quoting George Bernard Shaw.

You're exactly right about the priorities of the power companies, which reminds me of the old quote, "If you're not liberal when you're young, you don't have a heart; if you're not conservative when you're old, you don't have a brain." That's because when young, we're going out and obtaining resources. When older, we've got a homestead to take care of, and are more inclined to "conserve" what we have, than "liberate" it from someone else.

The power companies are older. They're established, and have resources that they want to conserve and not lose to competitors. So they will tend to invest in government protection, rather than new technologies. And once the government protection is either gone or not effective, they'll lose out to the upstarts.

Like Apple once was, compared to IBM.

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