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A Realistic Path To AnCap Success

Since we ancaps are not always the most practical lot, I thought I'd come in and lend a helping hand with a hard nosed, brass bolts, point A to point B plan for achieving AnCap Victory in our lifetimes.

You're welcome, in advance.

Let's start with some estimates.

Assume we can convince 15% of the adult public to join our cause and make a true financial and personal commitment to emancipation from the State.

Assume that the only services ancap rights-enforcement agencies (the AntiState, yes, yes?) will provide are military defense, law enforcement and judicial services (inter-agency arbitration and intra-agency dispute resolution).

Assume these agencies can do all this at half the cost of the US federal, state and local government cost, due to the magic of the unbridled marketplace in force-entrepreneurship.

Assume for simplicity an equal distribution of tax contributions across all taxpayers, (i.e., all taxpayers paying an equal share), to keep the math budget down.

Assume 30% of government expenses, at all levels, go to military and legal expenses, because of overpayment.

Now let's run some numbers!

At half the cost, needing only 30% of the services, our 15% ancap vanguard will need only pay our exact present tax burden to receive 30% of the services! That is, once we've achieved emancipation from the additional state tax burden.

For this low price tag, we will be guaranteed the services of an untested, unvetted, nebulous assortment of autonomous and heavily armed mercenary organizations, with no universal law or standards of justice, no institutional track record, no hierarchy and no military training!

Throw in some Clausewitz, Che Guevara and Mao books, a slush fund for out of work lawyers, a few million copies of Black's Law Dictionary, and we're off to the races!

Let's now look more closely at some of our earlier assumptions.

Let's turn to our ancap demographic for closer look. Can we really actually muster 15% of total taxes, proportional with our numbers, as though we fell right at the median contribution level?

Highly unlikely. We know right off the bat that very few, if any, top billionaires or corporations grace our cohort. For if these elites believed as we did, that a dismantled federal state and autonomous defense agencies would benefit them, they'd just implement it right now.

No, no, friends, our ancap demographic is far, far below the median contribution level, composed of a cross section of upper, middle, and lower class free thinkers and maverick intellectuals. Rebels with a cause, as it were, but we all a bit of a dissatisfied lot on the whole, a bit restless, not quite contented, not quite the top of the class in our respective social strata. So be it, it is what makes us unique and pioneering individuals in a sea of conformism.

Well then, the blow will be hard to take, but let's chin up, and for God's sake let's keep the math simple. Let's hope against hope that us 15%, the spearhead of human liberation, are at halfway mark toward the median tax contribution level, necessitating a mere doubling of our previous figure for required tax contributions.

By simply forking over twice what we pay in taxes now, we can have our freedom, and our dignity, back. It is a small price to pay for liberty and a clean conscience, when the alternative is supporting SLAVERY.

No compromise, gents, let's pony up the dough, and get this thing a-rollin. Who's first? Kickstarter or chip-in?

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Be ...

sure to check out AnCapActuary's profile. It is quite impressive. I was just checking out some of his recent threads:

When Is Coercion Justified? ... An overnight classic.
BILL3 Political Primer ... I am going to vote that one for best thread title.



1. If you only have 15% of

1. If you only have 15% of the population on your side, what are you going to do about the existing government? How do you plan to bring it down?

2. What is the plan for when another government rises in its place? You should be aware this is inevitable.

3. What makes your "anti-state" not a government itself?

I already crunched the numbers, I'm an actuary.

If my calculations are correct, it will only cost double our current tax rate to pay for ancap defense, which is worth it for liberty. Let me guess, you want to stay on the state plantation.

What?This doesn't answer any

This doesn't answer any one of my questions.
I even itemized them for you.

Jesus you guys can really be dense. I literally came in here without any attitude at all, and asked you 3 simple questions about your plan, and you can't even answer them. How fucking pathetic. Anarchists are stupider than liberals.

Stupider is as stupider does.

Relax and have a smoke, okay?

All of your questions are addressed in the original post, you probably didn't read it, like a good statist. They stop teaching reading in public school?

Let's leave Jesus out of this, and don't take the number three in vain, thanks.

I honestly didn't even notice

I honestly didn't even notice it was you posting. WTF? Do you even know what you believe?

No matter. I asked questions that weren't covered or even remotely addressed in the OP. If you can only answer them by claiming you already did, it means either you haven't the mental capacity to answer these questions, which would be incredibly simple and straightforward if your theory was anything resembling sound, or you are avoiding answering them because you know they poke massive holes in your supposed argument.

Sharp as a stick of butter

and a sense of humor to boot.

endless comedy from you

a master at work

At least

At least I can communicate my ideas in a way that is not designed to confuse people. You're acting like a buffoon.

Im pretty sure

this post is full of sarcasm.

-Matthew Good


Seems the Statists are out in force down-voting.