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Chemtrails Discredit Our Movement (Updated)

I have yet to see ANY proof or espouse any legitimate data regarding chemtrails. And no, the fact that a plane's jet trail lingers in the atmosphere for a few minutes is not proof. This ridiculous conspiracy discredits the Libertarian movement.

It sounds great: chemicals sprayed in the atmosphere to dumb down the public (or whatever these chemicals are supposed to do) with people completely unaware.

But think about this for a second - how deep does this conspiracy go? Do the pilots know about it? The oil companies that make the jet fuel?
What proof is there that these actually exists? Has anyone attested to providing the additive to the fuel?

I've got an open mind and am willing to listen.

Convince me.


Wow, ok first of all, just got home from work and had NO idea this thread would gain the attention it did throughout the day and looks like I’ve set a personal record for all time downvotes on a post. Must’ve really struck a nerve. Yikes!

In spite of all the negativity and namecalling, I really do appreciate everyone who posted information that I can begin researching and Youtube videos to check out – believe me, I will watch every one.

It’s not that I totally disbelieve the chemtrail conspiracy, but so far (before today) I haven’t been able to find legitimate info that I can trust. When I have tried to research it, it’s ended up going nowhere.

If you guys have anymore literature/videos/websites I can benefit from please let me know in the comments.

I’m after the truth, nothing more, nothing less and downvoting me doesn’t change my opinion people!

I need facts!!!!!!

Thanks everyone.

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That's probably the very reason they're spraying them

To discredit our movement

Chemtrails 101 - An Introduction


Q. Can anything stop the spread of Chemtrails?

A. Only three things.

1. Enlightened leaders with a social conscience, unlikely to happen in the USA.

2. A widespread outcry from the enlightened American public, also unlikely to happen in the USA.

3. The collapse of the American economy and, subsequently, the weakening of her black operations budget, the likeliest eventual prospect.

Geoengineer David Keith on Using Aluminum

Geoengineer David Keith announced at the AAAS meeting in San Diego, On Saturday, Feb. 20th, that the stratospheric AEROSOL geoengineering program is now considering USING ALUMINUM, over 10 MEGATONS per year, instead of sulfur.


I am not a

big "chem trail guy" but I gotta admit, that I do see stuff in the sky that I know is not a cloud or a con trail...so what the hell am I looking at?

I'm not here to argue...

all I can say is that I've seen trails (I won't specify 'con' or 'chem' because I don't know) made by planes on cloudless days (I live in sunny CO) that linger and spread over a period of time until the entire sky is covered by a hazy white blanket of ...? I don't know what it is but mere condensation doesn't seem like a reasonable explanation to me.


I totally get what you are saying, I brought up this point a while back and all the chem trail die-hards got all butt hurt.

It's not that I am saying its not true or not, but somehow this tertiary issue is somehow become a part of the libertarian movement (at least on the DP). I believe that the focus on the principle of liberty and how to expand that principle in modern government/society is the most important and uniting element.

I think the nature of most libertarians are to thoroughly vet something before ruling it out. This innate nature lends itself to the chem trail folks/extreme conspiracy theorists a natural audience where most of the society automatically and maybe unfairly dismisses their ideas.

Just by sheer law of averages, a few conspiracy theories are probably true but most are probably not. Anyhow you can question everything but the conspiracy theorist evidenced by all the down votes, but they are always right, most theories seem to defy Occam's Razor.

I am all for exploration of different thoughts but lets keep an our eye on the ball. I think these true believers should try to expand their audience to other segments of society and stop focusing on the libertarians if their ideas are good and the evidence is compelling then their movement will spread.

If you do not understand Math you are not competent to comment.

"A bat and a ball cost $1.10 in total. The bat costs $1 more than the ball. How much does the ball cost?"

If it takes more than a min to figure this out then you do not have the basic brain power to discuss the topic of chemtrails. If you passed this test, then see if you can follow this. If you can not follow the proof

or worse, do not know what e is, then you have no idea how the physical world works. You have the same ability to comment on science that five year old brilliant chineese child has to comment on Shakespeare.

Some of you talk about what is obvious and what you see. You probably think that the sun moves around the earth. I mean you can see it right? And you have no idea how to demonstrate that it does not move around the earth.

Bottom line. Almost without exception, almost all of you are like evolution made you. You are unwilling or unable to learn new stuff, and are obedient to your own authority. Seriously, when was the last time that you questioned your own beliefs or your own chosen authorities or learned something new that an authority did not tell you.

Oh, and as to up or down votes... Science is not a democracy. The universe does not care how you vote.

As to why so many libertarians are --- well scientifically illiterate? Because they are hostile to the government. Then they experience some kind of mental confusion thinking that because government is involved in schools than the schools and science must be some sort of conspiracy. Or if they do not understand something then it is wrong. Or for any number of a myriad other reasons. Many of them also think that there is no global warming which makes them less able to respond to their environment (unable to learn --- stupid) then trees or single celled ocean plants and aninmals, all of whom are moving to cooler environments. The single celled critters are moving towards the poles at 10 miles per year. The trees are moving up mountains at about 10 ft per year.

For a 1/2 hour read, do a search on the two words orwells boot and read the first item that comes back after paid links. Usually under the name factotum666


Are you saying that the sun "doesn't" move around the earth?

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

This is all about


They only babble who practice not reflection.


If there is anything relevant at the link that you posted, you might want to cut and paste it here. Few are going to sign in for more babble.

Thanks to vic223

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These are not "facts"

but this is an article from Rolling Stone outlining what is supposed to be "theoretically possible" by the US military in terms of geo engineering.

Can Geoengineering Save The World?

Somehow I got my hands on it randomly and read the physical version. I think I was in a laundromat and found it.

It is a long article, but the gist is a theoretical approach to "solving" global warming by spraying particulate matter into the sky to block the sun.

I look at every MSM article with a fishy eye. You never know where the corporate propaganda will show up. Rolling Stone is just part of some conglomerate, so ultimately they are also an organ of the State.

But my feeling about that article is that something like that is already going on. I know that's not facts, and what you wanted was facts.

Personally, I don't believe anyone on either side of this issue, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is going on, either.

On this one, I'm stone cold agnostic.

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But you've reminded me

This has been on my list of things to watch for a long time, and have never gotten to it. Maybe I can get to it tomorrow.

"Why in the world are they spraying?"

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It's well worth the 72

It's well worth the 72 minutes that it takes to watch it.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain
Real patriotism is a willingness to challenge the government when it's wrong. - Ron Paul

In all fairness you should also

Watch Joe Rogans interview with the producer of the film, Michael Murphy.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

Neurosurgeon Voices Health Concerns Over Geoengineering and Chem

" Although there is much merit in observing a phenomenon and listening to your inner voice/intuition to see if something doesn’t seem right, there is also merit when it comes to factual evidence regarding the chemtrail phenomenon and that is why more people within the mainstream world are choosing to speak out. It’s clear that chemtrails are very different from contrails."

Politicization of the weather

Maybe this is why all the "debunker" trolls are hitting the DP so hard lately. Four articles on the politicization of weather just from today:





Two articles from last month:



Is the purpose of threads like this to push the absurd notion that all weather, irrespective of all the well established technologies and techniques being used by public and private actors to engineer, modify and otherwise intervene in it, is purely coincidental and can, without questions or skepticism in light of the “unusual” skies and weather seen and experienced by many, be trumpeted by the TPTB as the cause of the country’s economic and societal woes? Because, of course they would never use available technologies in conjunction with secrecy to advance their interests or attempt to cover up or misdirect blame for their failed and failing polices.

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Wish I could vote your comment up x 10!

One has to wonder why does it matter so much to the debunkers if people believe or are skeptical about weather modification.

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

weather today

In Nashville 88 degrees with hazy jet trails sky's.

Money talks and dogs bark

Your comment verifies the accuracy of the image below

Contrails are easily predicted using the Appleman Chart.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul


This map is BS. It is evidence of nothing.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

Three questions

1. Why won't you answer my questions?

2. What do the particles taste like? You said you can taste chemtrails. You didn't respond to my guesses. If it's not curry or chicken alfredo, my next guess is watermelon. Not the big ones you eat on the 4th of July, but the smaller, sweeter sugar babies. Those are my favorite. Please tell me this is what chemtrails taste like.

3. Well, this isnt really a question, more of a suggestion. Could you find something better to do than follow me around?

You are very immature and haven't Contributed anything significant to the conversation.

It's time for you to find someone else to harass. Move along now, move along.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

Good lord the BBC is a conspiracy theorist site!

They posted an article on weather control techniques!


"So will we ever control the weather? Some say we have succeeded for years, others that we will struggle to do so for decades. The debate rages on." Fair article, well worth a read.

The perfect control remains elusive, but according to the article, many techniques are being utilized. Governments across the globe are experimenting!

Of course, they may fire rockets, they may try ozone experiments, but gosh they would never spray with a plane, that would be ludicrous!


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4 pages of comments?? R U

4 pages of comments?? R U kidding me?? Don't you people have jobs or family that needs your attention?

Beware the cult of "government"...

You know. Your are right on.

You know. Your are right on. Threads like this are designed to make people waste time posting in circles when they could be doing something constructive.

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Precisely the need to break out the Brillo Pad

To some of us, this is constructive.

I am so thankful for the closed Ark.


I thought chemtrails were ancient news. Kind of like arguing over the existence of gravity at this point. And if this is the first you're hearing about gravity, well...

Geoengineering and

Geoengineering and Environment Canada


Broadcasting from the globalist occupied country formerly known as Canada