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Should US take action to help rescue kidnapped Nigerian girls?

I just found out a few minutes ago through Facebook that over 200 Nigerian girls have been kidnapped, and now are planning on being sold. Nigeria's president has said that they shall be returned home, but do you think the US government should also take action with this matter? Some people are already sending in calls and letters to D.C. on the matter.

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The U.S. as in the government?


The U.S. as in the citizens?
Sure. Why not.

No...no...no. Unfortunately,


Unfortunately, terrible things happen all over the world everyday. It is not our job to police the world.

Plus, as others have alluded to, this may have already been resolved OR it may be a propaganda piece.

Again, no...we should not get involved.

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No, no, kony 2012, and no.

Rephrase the question

Should the mafia looter thugs known as government, or the banksters of the Bank of Int'l Settlements who run all of the governments, pretend to help rescue these Nigerian girls, so that they can keep the illusion of government going?

Should you keep deluding yourself and others into believing that governments help anyone? Shouldn't you be realizing that governments have killed hundreds of millions of people, and continue to do so?

Government is an illusion:


Here we go again!

Lets see the kidnappers are selling them for 11.00 apiece x 200 girls that's 2200 or 1/4th what one illegal alien received on his fictitious Tax Return . Will the U.S. government buy those girls and set them free ? NO WAY But could we spend 2 billion on a rescue mission to show the world how it's done. With a 99% exceptable lose figure,,,, YOU BETCHA !

Let's see add comedy and brilliance

Maybe subtract the usual political divisiveness and you have a hilarious post.

Nice solution, lets provide

Nice solution, lets provide funds to terrorists who prey on the children of villagers, a good lesson in supply and demand (kidnap and demand?) for terrorist.

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Indeed, isn't it our policy to reward such types

with Nobel peace prizes and make them favored trading partners?

If they were in the USA they'd be voted into office.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Yeah, you know - you're right.

Except don't you think it's a little early without a pile of bodies for them to pose on. Maybe jumping the shark a bit her. Pot smudgykins. ;)

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Obviously we need to bomb the shit out of them

Isn't that how we typically 'help'?

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Our government will stand silent.

From Muslims killing Christians.

Money talks and dogs bark

Are you asking for a

Are you asking for a religious war?

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Should Nigeria take action to help rescue these Nigerian girls?

What are they doing to protect their own people? Nigeria has oil and power in Africa. They should use it to get these unfortunates back to their homes.

As I already stated, and quite clearly

The Nigerian President has already said that they will take action. My question is whether the US should, or, if I can amend the question WILL take action like they did in 2012 the last time the public flooded the US with calls and letters.

private citizens should...

...pool some money voluntarily to hire some badass mercenaries to take that s.o.b. out, but not a forced government action.

There is an embassy there

but we know how dysfunctional this administration is so it being useful in any way for negotiations is most likely unlikely.

I remember in 1997/98 reading about the horrific conditions women were forced into under the Taliban and I became somewhat obsessed about it, thought about it constantly and talked to others about it - as if anyone cared - so much so I considered writing to Clinton that he needed to do something. I remember as I read the article and looked at the photos I had this dark feeling that there was going to be repercussions in America for doing nothing to stop the Taliban from the mass abuse of women and that the Taliban needed to be erradicated.
Little did I know how true that 'feeling' would turn out to be.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
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I think the problem with the

I think the problem with the US gov taking action is that sooner or later all of our "saving the world" will eventually bankrupt US. Well, I realize we are pretty much already bankrupt being so far into the negative, but trying to run the world will do us no good.



nope.. how many kids are on

nope.. how many kids are on milK cartons in this country? Start at home first.



Southern Agrarian

Letters of Marque and

Letters of Marque and Reprisal should be issued by the federal government .

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."


I think you're forgetting that that is for defending U.S. Citizens, not foreigners. To help foreigners, you have to sign up to do so privately. If you want to, in this case, more power to you, but leave OUR Congress out of it.

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Liberty is the ability to do what you ought to do.
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By the US government? We have

By the US government? We have no jurisdiction in Nigeria.


To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;

That is one clause of the Constitutional powers granted the federal government.

Obviously war is unnecessary. Reprisal is off the table as well unless one or more of the kidnapped were Americans. Finally, we have the part of the clause about Congress making rules concerning captures on land and water. That means the Congress can set some ground rules on how to capture these people if it were to get involved. Obviously, sending in a SEAL team into a foreign nation might piss off a foreign nation so the US should secure permission to conduct such an affair with that nation. A treaty could be made for such a purpose, just as we have extradition treaties for the return of fugitives.

H.R. 3076 was written by RP to authorize the capture, dead or alive, of Osama Bin Laden. His reference for the authority to do so was the same clause above. This particular instance wouldn't be about reprisal but just about capture. Whether it is just for the nation to do so, is the heart of the question. If we can do so while maintaining the respect and with treaty signed by the host nation where the capture will take place, I think it would be just in that regards. Is it our fight, though?


What do these girls have to

What do these girls have to do with the US? Are they US citizens?

Hence, my last question.

Hence, my last question.


Why make the argument if you

Why make the argument if you invalidate your own viewpoint? Boredom?

Because you closed the door

Lack of jurisdiction is not the be-all, end-all. Otherwise any criminal can simply flee the country. I made the assertion that we have a legal grounds to pursue this as authorized in the Constitution. I just finished my statement by saying that while we have a legal means to do so, we might not have sufficient cause.


We should bomb and occupy Nigeria

We should bomb and occupy Nigeria along with every other country around it. After that, to the Nigerians, these kidnappings will seem like "the good old days."