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How should I vote?

Ok, today this problem below is fictional, tommarrow it may NOT be fictional, it may be reality.

*** I am at the national convention, we RP Patriot Delegates are terribly out numbered but amazingly stubborn. Here is the situation. I am up in my hotel room on day 4. In the morning will be a vote. We must decide now....thus I am typing here to ask you ...what should we do? Here is the situation, its well into 2008, the economy is horrible and getting worse. Gold is now at 1250 an ounce. There was a minor suicide bombing in Spain again by Al Quiada. The GOP convention floor has been full of vote after vote... nobody is getting over 50%. McCain is out... Now its Huckabee and Romney and us. The McCain people suffered a McCain redfaced scream, and so bolted. Half went to Huckabee, half went to Romney...meanwhile, many Romney people have discovered Ron Paul for the first time and defected over to Ron Paul. Some Huckabee delegates are leaning our way or just toying with us. Here is the situation: We are just under a third, the other two equally divided. Option 1) Wear them all down for ten more days until they submit to us for the "win". Option 2) Huckabee has come to us and said He is now for a 1% national sales tax, no IRS, and 12 months and out for Iraq. Option 3) Romney "senior delegate" has told us Romney has listened to Ron Paul, he sees how terrible the economy is, he will end this Iraq war right away but will not say so publicly but will do it after 10 days in the white house. Option 4) Throw our support to Huckabee "win" . Option 5) Throw our support to Romney for the "win".

My big question is Option 1)....do we really wish to win? Lets say Ron does win, then goes against Hillary and wins again. The question is has the "REVOLUTION" won? The next 4 years are going to be painful years....and Whoever is President during this time, much like Jimmy Carter, he/she will be BLAMED for those bad years.... and America in 2012 will NOT want to "try that again".

For America, to get a Libertarian President during the worst of times, will be blamed for it. Yes?

Much better to ride into office like Ronald Reagan did under a bad 18% interest rate economy and Rescue it with libertarian policies...?

Your thoughts.... I am in my hotel room, I am the team leader, what should we Ron Paul Patriot delegates do?

Your call.... let me know.

Treg / Tempe AZ

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Hold out!

Hold out and wear them down. Why? Two reasons.

1: They are both most likely lying.

2: Only Ron Paul's polices have any real hope of preventing a huge crash for our economy,( note I said " huge crash " the economy WILL suffer regardless of who wins )! Get the needed changes started and worry about 2012 later. If we don't get on the path of sane spending NOW there won't be anything left to save 4 years from now.

If I were in your place the thing that would decide it for me is this:
All the effort, cash, time and determination spent by Dr. Paul and his supporters to get to this point, against all odds, would be wasted by pitching in behind one of the others. It would, to me at least, be a betrayal of the principles and beliefs of every single person who worked to get to this point. I would HAVE to follow Dr. Paul's demonstrated lead. i.e. Stand by what you believe even if you stand alone!

You vote RON PAUL every damn time.


Until HE releases you.

If you compromise... then we're all screwed.

Are you INSANE? You would allow the country to be annihilated?

Just to save face? If that really was the situation, the whole world would know it's Bush's fault - no one would blame the inheritor.

You do realize that Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who can beat Hillary, don't you?

Enough said.

We'll be up against More Wars McCain, don't worry!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat pork!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!

You vote for Ron Paul!

And we fight our asses off for the next four years to get some real change done in Washington. We elect Ron Paul Republicans, we force our wayward Republicans to listen to us and we accomplish our goals.

This is not something that needs debate.

Way too many hypotheticals.

Way too many hypotheticals. Just vote from your heart. Don't be one of these Americans that say, "We only had a choice from bad to worse." This is BS! Americans have a choice this time, whether they have the intellect to see it or not remains to be seen. Obviously after watching the Democratic side they really don't have a lot of intelligence over there....

vote for RP... duh do you

vote for RP... duh

do you really trust Romney... come on

anyhow, you assume the next four years are going to be terrible years.

with RP, we leave Iraq...
no more soldiers lost

our troops start coming home from around the world, causing a real economic stimulus because you're not borrowing money to pay for it.

price of oil dips because we're not causing instability in the middle east.

at some point the housing market will have stabilized.

our budget will be balanced and confidence in the dollar restored preventing a further drop.

the next four years don't have to be awful. vote RP


somebody's had too much to think!

Let me understand

If you have a chance to get Dr. Paul the nomination, you would hesitate because you don't want him to take the blame for the bad economy in 2012? Isn't the whole point to get him in there so he can prevent it from getting worse? Things went from bad to worse under FDR and Lincoln, but they had no trouble with re-election or with their legacy.

It's a no brainer

Just as Dr. Paul has been doing for 20 years. Me too, actually. Vote your conscience. Screw the rest.

hold true to RP as he holds

hold true to RP as he holds true to his principles

Vote for Paul!!!!

If we dont vote for Paul we are doomed. If we do he will set the path for the next president and wake America up from its slumber. RP will be too old to run again next time. Get him in while we can. Also he will save the economy not let it go to hell.

Ron Paul all the way

Hold on for Ron Paul!!
We want the CFR candidates out of the white house.

Ron Paul all the way. No Compromise!

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