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This truly creates the setting where a law enforcement agency is not needed and not desired

The “Peacekeeper” app does this through a principled vision and clever approach. The app connects community members directly to each other fostering community interdependence by empowering community members to protect each other.

Imagine, instead of making a call to a law enforcement agency that is most likely overworked and far away and certainly trained to respond violently, you press the button on your phone and your previously chosen neighbors will be alerted that you are in danger. They will be able to respond immediately given their proximity to the situation.

The app’s strength is in the geographic proximity, and hence immediacy, of the responders. This provides a keen solution to in-home invasion or any property/personal crimes committed at a physical address associated with the app. In the near future, once the app is widely adopted, this will be a powerful deterrent to criminals knowing that the response team is geographically close to the point of potential crime. Victims of crime will not have to wonder if the responders will treat them as the criminals. They will choose their own responders based on who they trust.

While there are still a few wrinkles to work out and wide adoption is needed in order for this to have maximum benefit, the vision and potential for this app are unparalleled. This truly creates the setting where a law enforcement agency is not needed and not desired.


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The darker side of this

is mob justice. One of the main reasons we have a constitution is to avoid this (yes, I know the government sucks). But read up on your history and you'll see how many people were simply murdered for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Not likeing human nature does not make it any less dark. Mob justice was a real problem which is why we are SUPPOSED to have courts of law and justice to ensure those accused of a crime are tried instead of just sentenced. Key word being supposed; I'm not really sure what we have now.

What do we have now

I have gone to court and I don't remember a single time it was anything but 1 man vs the world.