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Exclusive: Father Arrested For Speaking Out Against Sexually Explicit Book As Required Reading (Graphic Content)

Exclusive: Father Arrested For Speaking Out Against Sexually Explicit Book As Required Reading (Graphic Content)

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Nineteen Minutes page 313
The book in question, ”Nineteen Minutes” by author Jodi Picoult, is about a school shooting taking place in a fictitious New Hampshire town, and it contains themes of student violence, bullying, and sexual aggression. There is one particularly provocative and graphic depiction of violent, drunken sex between two teens in the story on page 313. Click here to read the passage (warning: graphic language and explicit sexual content).

Man says free speech rights violated in arrest over book
Parents voice concerns over scene in assigned reading in Gilford
UPDATED 6:25 PM EDT May 06, 2014

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Bottom Line

Peacefully protesting his government by voicing a redress of grievances on public property is a protected right under the 1st amendment.
Under the law, Robert's Rules do not trump Madison's rights.

By going to the meeting

He agreed to the rules. If he had mooned the board would that also be allowed under protected free speech ?

Why not just tell his kid not to read the book ? Tell the teacher to shove it, and then complain, with a lawyer if need be, if the teacher gives a bad grade ? Just not complying is much better than being a churchlady type demagogue in public.

Quick to the strawman.

There are laws against mooning people in public. There aren't laws against speaking to officials in public. Bending over and accepting the idea that using coercion to control the conversation is not a healthy habit to get into.

There are also laws

About verbal harassment.

The rules are set and well known, accept them or choose another venue. Or be civil disobedient, and break the rules but Don't whine when someone uses force against you for breaking the rules. That's how their miserable statist system works

Do you have a job? Work anywhere that has meetings?

I do. People get upset sometimes. People talk longer than they should. I got into a very heated public argument in a meeting once. In our meetings, we don't have police observers. People don't get arrested for verbal harassment. You grow a thick skin. You work it out. Obviously, you can't have complete carte blanche to say or do anything in a meeting. That isn't what happened in that video. The guy did not deserve to be arrested. He was trying to discuss an issue, and was not allowed to. He was trying to make a point on an issue he is passionate about, and was generally respectful. It is a heavy-handed response by a bunch of people that are collecting salaries that he is forced to pay for. It is totally uncalled for.

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

I agree with you

But this is how their miserable statist system works.

I'm suggesting that their system will never deliver fairness the way a well run business meeting will, and its pointless to try to work within such a system.

Further, the willingness to work within the system suggests that he would be willing to use the system against the people with whom he disagrees.

Two statist arguing does not interest me.

Good Bye America, - the land of the FREE!!

What is there to say except to repeat what I have said and written in many similar cases as a response to what is happening in YOUR country today. (I am from Europe but live my life as an international citizen)

Well, here is what I want to say this time: Every single one of you who live in the USA should be ashamed off what your country has turned into. Where else in the world today does a concerned father get ARRESTED and handcuffed for speaking more than his 2 minutes in a case like this? WHERE? Ok, perhaps in the OLD Sovjet Union but most probably not even in the NEW Russia!

Not only the government of USA, but any and all authorities in general has gone completely and utterly out of control! You are turning into something which in some cases is even worst than the old Sovjet Union. It is very very sad indeed! And it is in fact very dangerous for all us us as we NO LONGER has a country known as the USA to stand up for FREEDOM and individual liberties in the world.

And the book? Well, that is just another sign of the road your country and most of the world is on these days. But that is another sad story.


ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE - what idiots think this is acceptable - not even in SEX education class. We are losing the romance of society - the polite courtships - the beauty between a man and a woman; with promotion of FILTH!


the police are not your friend, they are your enemy. f the police!

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So the book acurately

depicts public schools as they exist today.

It's called indoctrination and de-sensitization.

I don't blame the father.

We had a similar situation at the State University our daughter attended. She changed teachers for that course - tired of his perverted and sexually explicit choices for what was supposed to be a literature course (instead he enjoyed having the students dissect filthy rap music in a mixed gender class, all the while laughing at the degrading female lyrics and acting like a sophomoric 8th grade boy.) Our daughter was the only one who spoke up - others were offended but did nothing. The teacher was also very much against anyone who was pro-life and that hatred reflected in the pro-life student's grades.

Higher Learning...oxymoron at its truest definition.

That's what happens in a state brainwashed obedient citizen population.

Homeschool your kids.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Would you please state what college this was . . .

there are those of us sending young people on to university and we'd like to know. Thank you.

wolfe's picture

What I find interesting...

Is that our society focuses on the "sexual content" as being the "harm". Did no one catch that the entire premise of the book is on violent behavior by children against children.

None of us seem to have a problem with dramatizing violence for our children's consumption... Depict shooting, dismemberment, etc and no big deal, PG13 but oh god, can't show a nipple.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Both premises are wrong

Youre more likely to be struck by lightning than be a victim of a mass shooting (check out the 10 year stats). There have always been bullies and kids learned how to deal with them.

What is being 'taught' to your kids includes the idea that they should be afraid and constantly under watch. That this is 'normal'. Its a wonderful way to 'justify' the police state. I would think the money would be far better spent than having that cop at a school all day. (Again, given the lightning stats comparison.) Assuming he is a 'resource officer' - that old parasite probably had more action arresting the 2 min + talker than he's had all year.

After a century of mandatory public 'education', Americans have been turned into cowards and fools.

Mission accomplished.

wolfe's picture

That was part of my point...

Telling people that an exceedingly rare violent event is normal does both those things. Instills fear of nothing, and it does also increasingly indoctrinate our children into feeling like violence is normal.

I would far prefer my children grow up believing sex is natural and normal than violence.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

I see your point . . .

Both sex and violence are 'natural' in that they both occur with human beings. I want my kids to understand that sex is natural (and best with someone you love and are committed to). I want them to understand that violence does happen, but that it shouldn't be feared out of proportion to the actual level of threat. I want them to take responsibility for defending themselves from it, to not have a 'victim' or 'head in the sand' mentality. Regards . . .

Isn't Hunger Games

violent behavior by children against children?

That movie series is lauded by the populace.

Again, de-sensitization.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Was the warning of explicit

Was the warning of explicit language and graphic content for the children who may be reading the DP???


That was a civics lesson, alright.

Wow. And I thought reading

And I thought reading some parts of "The Face on the Milk Carton" series were suggestive (the high school couple driving to a motel, but then speeding away after deciding not to) in middle school.

Kids these days...

Southern Agrarian

How about a fair headline

He was arrested for trying to assert himself at a public meeting.

His disorderly conduct was for not following the meetings rules. I get his frustration with the way these meetings are setup, to not really allow any serious discussion.

On the other hand, he seems like a tyrant himself, since he validates the meeting and I'll bet he would be happy to use force to ban the book.

People that get so upset about what their teenagers read, or put in their body, fail to recognizes the liberty that their 16 year old deserves. Teenagers denied sex drugs and RocknRoll by force are usually not very well adjusted adults.

It's interesting how you try

It's interesting how you try to pull the argument away from the issue of a parent trying to speak out against the board's failure to inform their parents of children's reading material with a misleading waiver...and is arrested for not complying to an arbitrary 2 minute rule. The Board's dismissive attitude towards the issue and the parents is galling. I hope all parents are aggressive enough to mount a very loud protest and turf these robotoids out their ear.

So why would the board have responsibility

in the first place, to inform parents of what their child is reading. the responsibility always is with the young person and the parent.

Anyone who has been to any of those kinds of meetings knows that they don't want dissension from the public at the meeting. They are a waste of time, and an opportunity for evil people to flaunt their supposed authority.

Your whole argument (and his) is predicated on the assumption that the school has the authority to dictate what people read, which they don't. He's just arguing about their choices and methods.

So if you are going to be a drone anyway, might as well follow the rules.

To inform parents of what

To inform parents of what their children are being TAUGHT to read seems to the the issue at hand and presenting them with a dismissive waiver to make this reading as part of the curriculum should require parental input and decision. Do you have a point that makes sense?

Two statist arguing

About how the state should educate everyone else's children, and what kind of force should be used to accomplish that education.

What is there to care about ?

The young woman seems to be perfectly capable of sorting all this out for herself - why not let her, rather than trying to turn her into a statist demagogue. A civics lesson, ha - statist indoctrination

a fair headline?

Here's Part 2 of the video ...
Submitted by Gilligan on Tue, 05/06/2014 - 21:16. Permalink

... his daughter addresses the board after watching her father get arrested:


"The first thing you people do is resort to force ... I don't feel safe around you people."

That man is raising a fine daughter. And is being undermined by a government school.

She seems like

A fine young woman on the video

And perfectly capable of deciding what she wants to read for herself.

And she is right to be afraid of those people.

So why is she even asking them for permission to speak, or for input on reading material ?

IF I were to give her advice, I would tell her to ignore those people, read what she wanted, and to find people she trusted to suggest reading material for her education.

I've personally spent too many years trying to make the system operate fairly, before I finally wised up and realized it was the system itself that was the problem.

The arrest had nothing to do with the book, and had everything to do with the Father not respecting the authoratah of the Board. Of course if you don't respect the Boards Authoratah, then why would you go in the first place ?

The author is a typical

The author is a typical Socialist that looks at things in blk/wht, or in a collectivist manner. Her experiences dictate her writing, so she thinks, "Oh, I had sex at a young age, so all kids must be having sex, or thinking about sex."

This is just one example of typical hypocritical bigotry from the Left. They try to lump people into one big category like people are all the same, and then on the other side of their mouths they preach diversity. It's disgusting!

The author is just lusting

The author is just lusting over the growing perversity in the culture.
Think about it.

She makes her living painting graphic depictions of scenarios that ooze with depravity and disease.

And the real evil in it all is that there are school boards and some parents across America that embrace and promote this twisted cult to 14 year old (F_U_C_K_I_N_G FOURTEEN!) teenagers.

Is it important to remind the atmosphere about the tyranny

against the 1st Amendment? This is not what our country is founded on!! Ignorant evil badges everywhere, documentation is education, thank you to whoever shot this video!

kind people rock

The arrogance of these people is apalling...

You are witnessing the controlled demolition of society and our families. These so called "administrators" who are presiding over this charade make me sick.

That being said, why in the HELL are we sending our kids to these INDOCTRINATION centers anyway? This is not about education it's about mind control by a bunch of arrogant twits who get their jollies from ruining young minds.

God help us!

It can't be...can it?