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Mass email to the 125,000 Ron Paul MySpace friends for 51st Anniv Bomb

I don't have a MySpace account... and after learning that NewsCorp owns them I don't plan on starting one. However, if someone has a MySpace account is it possible to send a "shout out" or mass email to all those Ron Paul friends and ask them to pledge $51 for the 51st anniversary love offering moneybomb on Feb. 1st?

125,000 friends x $51 = $6,375,000

For the love of God, Country and Dr. Paul someone please do this!

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Great idea

There are groups on My Space that could help get this going.
I am more on Facebook and have a group there.

But this could get rolling. If just a few of the myspace gurus
got onto it.

Is there anyone on here who is savy with My Space??
That could get this going viral??

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