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Cops pulling people over, asking them questions, and then giving them ice cream?

How is this possible?

"But in a recent promotion for Wall's Ice Cream, a group of police officers in Quincy, California decided to give people a fresh experience with the cops."



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seems like an advertisement

I wouldn't want anyone to pull me over period sorry this is a lame way to advertise ice cream and I hope our tax dollars are not paying for it


Now we are left waiting for

Now we are left waiting for the 'extra footage' where another police department pulls these people over a few blocks down the road for 'distracted driving'..

LoL at vain attempt at positive PR propoganda 'grassroots' viral video.

I've seen peace officers buy children ice cream after a tragedy, that is a good person. This video? They are just abusing power and their position for P.R. (if it wasn't staged actors).

Not saying I wouldn't mind getting an Ice cream cone every interaction I had with a LEO...


Supposed to be a reply; see below.


I don't see how people post the other comments. This is hilarious. These police are acting like humans for once.

"Are you driving without ice cream in the car?" Classic.

I am Ron Paul

Oh hey no problem. Acting under color of law is ok

if it's spumoni colored?

The use of the badge in an ARREST, which is what a traffic stop is, you are being arrested from the course of your business, a literal use of force by a guy with a gun is OK if he gives you ice cream?

Hey little girl, want a ride? Give you a piece of hard candy.

Not to mention use of public funds to advertise a business? Combined with the use of force?

Well, whatever. We can use this when we kill innocents in drone strikes. Just send up another drone to drop ice cream.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

I see what you're saying,

can't really argue with you since I actually agree.

But this could POSSIBLY be a step in the right direction for improved behavior of police, where they are less apt to beat innocents with their batons and shoot people, b/c of more person to person interactions with the community, instead of them always being d*cks b/c they think you're guilty of something.

Yea, it is weird how they did this with a private company.

STILL, it's refreshing for police to seem to be treating citizens with respect. I honestly didn't know police even had a sense of HUMOR. (LOL j/j?)

Let's try not to fall into the trap of complaining about EVERYTHING. I understand when a police officer beats up an unarmed peaceful protester, it drives me up the wall. But at the same time, I'm just NOT going to complain that "that officer just gave them ice cream, what a bastard!"

If you still disagree, I understand.

I am Ron Paul

Abuse of power is abuse of power, period

However it wasn't long ago a video involving a cop wrecking his squad car and many comments carried the message "I hope the cop died".

I'm a former EMT. The moment a cop is injured he becomes a patient to me and he gets the same standard of care anybody else does. So much for the "I'm kneejerk anti cop" theory.

But let's flip this around a bit. Let's say the fire marshal came to your house and informed you it has been condemned and you must vacate the premisis immediately. There is no appeal process, the structure is being torn down in about 10 minutes.

After you drop cakes in your pants I inform you it was a joke and BTW, here's an ice cream.

Did I just compensate you for the stress this automatically induced in you? Or would you feel that my little joke was not only not funny, it was a downright sick joke on the part of a public official?

How about if I held a gun to your head and told you that I'm gonna kill you but then handed you an ice cream? Would you laugh and say it's all fun?

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Well ya know,

these cops didn't point their guns at anyone's heads. So it's not quite a parallel argument.

Don't worry dude, if I had to take sides on this, it would definitely be with your argument against police wasting time and money doing this, and making people think they're getting a ticket. You don't have to convince me of anything. I'm there.

But let's not lose our sense of humanity here, where we can't see the humor.

It reminds me of activists who record themselves at checkpoints while acting like robots themselves along with the cops! They keep repeating "Am I free to go?" and they seem to abandon normal social skills. Let's keep the liberty movement down at the human level.

"Are you driving without ice cream in the car?" Gotta admit, it's kinda witty.

Ok, I've made my point. Don't worry, when it comes down to it, I am actually against this type of thing. But uh, there are other political issues out there that deserve attention and in relative terms this is something to chuckle about.

I am Ron Paul

Indeed we can put this baby to bed.

I am unswayed in my convictions but we gots bigger fish to fry. We'll be seeing you around I'm sure. Stay sane.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

It's a metaphor: the cops are putting a freeze on

anyone packing heat!

I have some gb packer cards the police handed out in my youth.

They're not all that collectible.

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.


Gilligan's picture

"Officer, you can take that cone and shove it so far ....

... that you look like a witch in a hairy hat."

Google is government.


Reverse Brain Freeze.


Apart from the liberty implications, I'm wondering about the liability issues. What would happen if...

1. Recipient has a severe peanut allergic reaction
2. A driver crashes because he know has only one hand the wheel, the other on a cone.
3. Any number of other things that can go wrong.

Gilligan's picture

What if the cop detected "a strong smell of alcohol"

when the driver rolled down the window. Or sees a firearm or what appears to be drugs.

Man, the more I think about this scam the more it pisses me off.

Basically, they're buying probable cause with an ice cream cone. Don't even need a busted tailight anymore.

Google is government.

As far as I know...

police can pull you over for any or no reason.

I am Ron Paul

Gilligan's picture

Wonder what would happen if someone tried to flee?

From the police report:
"Attempted to stop the perpetrator for no reason other than to give him an ice-cream cone. But he fled when he heard our siren and then resisted arrest. So we had to shoot him"

Google is government.




Video makes me almost as sick as the portrayal from HuffPost after clicking that link.

That site is toxic, I have steam blowing from my ears as I write this....

Yeah but check the comments

Quite encouraging from the Huffpos.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Shouldn't those police be

Shouldn't those police be fired?