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Stefan Molyneux takes a shot at sociopaths once again, hits the ball out of the park. L/R paradigm failure


One of my favorites goes at John Stewart and all other partisans and hits the nail on the head. Politics isn't about ideas, ethics and morals. It's about the blue team and the red team pushing it further up the *** more and more every day, all the while doing that they line their own pockets and the pockets of their friends.

Now I'm going to take a shot at our "dear friend" Rand and say that he is doing exactly this right now. He is playing a game, a game in which there are no winners. His father did it right in trying to educate you, the public. Ron's son REALLY WANTS TO BE PRESIDENT, I mean, REALLY, WANTS, TO, BE, PRESIDENT. So he plays the game, as some call it, not educating, he is in one of the teams pushing the pole so far up your *** that you can't even see it anymore. This is not what we need. And even if he is whole hearted in his push for a liberty president what good will it do if the people aren't educated? Please answer me what good Rand will be able to do if most people aren't liberty minded. I'll tell you; we will have a new president in 4 years, because he wont get ANYTHING DONE and be a miserable failure, and a mindset of "Liberty failed" sets in the general public. Say hello to more NSA, more cronyism, more groping at the airport and other travel agencies.

Rand is NOT what I want, not even close. /Rant

I welcome downvotes because it will show the idiocy of the Randers and how many we have here. This place is not what it once was.

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Molyneux constantly praises

Molyneux constantly praises the natural system and lambasts the artificial "game", while ignoring that the game arises from the natural system.

The setting up of government is the natural conclusion to a purely anarchist society. It is what mankind has been through.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a


Rand DOES educate? Do you not view his interviews and forum speeches?

Rand will be able to reach more people than Ron by playing the game and in time educate them. He will be more easily accepted and can win people over with the subtle approach.

Give it a chance... or wait... support no one... yea that will work for change.

Yes I have watched much of

Yes I have watched much of his QnA's and speeches and while he does do a good job some of the time and on some subjects I still feels like he falls short on many issues and loves to take potshots on popular subjects where he says nothing with many words. The worst one was just recently where he could get some serious blows on Dick 'The Dickless' Chaney but instead wussed out and said nothing AND look like a total idiot while doing it. Just a COMPLETE FAILURE is what Rand is in my eyes. I think he probably is really smart. The problem, IMHO, is that he wants to be president more than he wants to get liberty to the people. He REALLY WANTS TO BE PRESIDENT, get a sweet ride on the back of the completely awesome work of his father. And that is not the kind of president that the US needs, not even close.

The one subject where he does a good job is privacy and the NSA. But you can't be a one trick pony like that.

Isn't the DP an echo chamber of sorts?

Isn't that the natural order of things? The grain of truth is truth. The DP echo chamber echoes truth. That's what makes it different, that's what makes it good. We challenge theory and idea alike. We debate. There is a real exchange of ideas.

I suspect Ron Paul would approve. Ideas over ideology.

Here is some funnies

And they drop a

Seattle Seahawks story in there! Beautiful.

She's right anyway: what a bullshit excuse to not show the games in Seattle.

5-25 years ago, it was, "Seattle sucks too much."

Now, it's "Seattle beats their asses too much."

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Stewart talks about the money

in politics all the time, and how corrupting it is. Think the guest last night had written a book called "Why government fails so often". So his main message is usually about the corrupt idiots leading the country, no matter what flag they fly.

He's totally against the drone programs, police overreach, indefinite detention etc.

What clutters the airwaves which his program reacts to, is msnbc and fox news. Where fox bring out the most idiotic issues all the time that are totally irrelevant in the bigger picture. Republicans are better than democrats at bringing up stupid legislation for vote, which is why that show become quite one-sided.

They are also better than democrats at saying really stupid, ignorant things as elected lawmakers, which also puts a huge bulls-eye on their back if you try to make a comedy show about politics.

It's sad, but he's probably one of the few fairly sane voices on television.

I agree totally!


So obviously I'm being sarcastic here, sorry it's just how I communicate sometimes.

Seriously though, I think what happens is if your preferences in MSM entertainment lean left, then you just more sheltered from the dumb shit the left says and vice versa.

So your perception is that the repubs are better than the dems at being stupid because that is what you have been exposed too. But just think about Obamacare (the largest travesty of legeslation since the patriot act and probably larger) and pelosi saying "we have to pass it to find out what's in it". I challenge you to find something dumber than that.

And most recently is the revelation being pushed by the left that the climate changes. HOLY SHIT, this is breaking news. Our "best and brightest" scientists have just figured out that the climate isn't static!!! that actually might be dumber than pelosi. I mean did they seriously think the climate was the same during the ice age as it is now??? how did they explain how glaciers existed if the climate was the same as it is now??

excellent speech

Stewart blows nowadays. If Fox News ceased to exist (which wouldn't be a bad thing, BTW), he would have nothing to talk about.

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

Loved Stewart when Bush was in office.

I thought he was an iconoclast then. Now him and Colbert are throw-away objects.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Agreed! Colbert was quite

Agreed! Colbert was quite good just 6 months ago. Now.. I really can't stand him very much at all.

I used to enjoy Colbert also

I used to enjoy Colbert also but for a while now I just find him SILLY.

"shoots the ball out of the park"


That sports, baseball?,

That sports, baseball?, reference may have been done in error of some way. I am not really a sports person. I meant that he did it really well, without error. Or do you disagree?

SteveMT's picture

Nice summary of how the left & right are very similar.

Some small changes were made in your post.
take changed to takes.
shoots changed to hits.
LR changed to L/R.

It reads better imo, but change any of it back if you want.

English is my second

English is my second language, so I don't expect everything to be perfect. Thanks for the fix!

And I believe I wrote that while drunk, hence my quite harsh, but true, words directed at Rand Paul.

Thought Stefan

was great.

Have never shot a baseball.

Try, 'hit'.

Thanks for the post.

I don't think Rand is in a position to be "blamed" YET

If you want more Ron Paul, write him, petition, do what you like, try to get him to run again to do what you prefer; only educate but not REALLY TRY to get elected.

I don't think WE WILL EVER FIND ANOTHER RON PAUL. So comparisons are not in order.

Rand can play politics now and if he gets elected, you may just end up singing his name.

So I up-vote because you posted Stefan, mental down-vote because you blast Rand; and I don't have ANY CLUE what your proposed ALTERNATIVE TO RAND should be in 2016.

NotA? But that would be the

NotA? But that would be the same every year since I am.. heh.. quite anarchistic

Love His Comments About Philosophy vs. Ideology

What a mind.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard