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VIDEO: Police Execute Dog Outside 5-Year-Old’s Bedroom Window

VIDEO: Police Execute Dog Outside 5-Year-Old’s Bedroom Window

Department stands by trooper who shot family dog before raiding wrong home

Mikael Thalen
May 6, 2014

A Pennsylvania man is accusing a state trooper of excessive force after his dog was shot and killed outside his grandson’s bedroom window late last week.


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pigs hate dogs

any chance they get to kill them they will.

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I will bet

that this 'jackboot thug' was trained in methods taught by the ADL and/or sent to Israel for training by the Israeli Security Force. He could also, be an Iraq/Afghan vet where it's been well documented they killed dogs for fun. The question needs to be made, was this women a wanted killer, that they needed to agressively seige her? If not, why couldn't the officer called in 'animal control' to subdue the dog, then issue the warrant? Also, I don't know what the Troopers job in Pennsyvania requires, but I've never seen/heard a Texas Trooper serving a warrant, that's the city police or county Sheriff/Constables job to issue warrants, not the state police?

It appears the agenda to train all the police forces to be aggressive is to turn the populace against them. In Houston, their are reports of this kind of 'jack boot thugery' reported on the news all the time. When ever I consult with police I know, I always ask them about these actions being reported daily around the country, and warn them they need to consult with their fellow officers, that if they continue these types of actions they will soon become the enemy. I remind them, that they will be out gunned at least 1000-1 if the people take action against them.

Excessive Use Of Force Is The Norm These Days

Another example of the 'Macho Cop' attitude.

Disgusting state of affairs..

Not only did they kill a defenseless and harmless dog, they might have murdered a child as well..

Phucking stupid jerks..

Phucking stupid jerks..

Phucking stupid jerks..