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Video: Crazed College Student Attacks Religious Protest - Free Speech?

Wow!! This kid was really flipped out! Something wasn't right with him...

Video: Crazed College Student Attacks Religious Protester

It seems as if the right to free speech is no longer taught on college campuses in the United States. I think instead, students now are taught that they can physically attack anyone who offends them as if they have the right NOT to be offended. Nobody has the right not to be offended.


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jesus said to turn the other cheek

mark said to hell with that!
lol, i think they are all a bit crazy.

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I feel like this kid needs an exorcism ASAP!

Real life goat boy

This was no prank just your average weakling american

Would have been funny if it wasn't just pathetic.

I have to wonder was the kid doing an elaborate prank? Or is he perhaps mentally disabled?

If that was a prank I can see him getting high fives all day long. Note that his "attack" was hands-open. Not just open, fingers splayed.

I knew some guys in college that would have done that just for the joke and making total fools of themselves in the process was part of it.

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