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"al Qaeda Needs Our Help!" Senators Mccain And Graham

"AL QAEDA NEEDS OUR HELP!" Senators McCain And Graham


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They are right.......

I am weary of war. Their solution is to avoid boots on the ground, and just bomb them. Which will piss a lot of people off, and there will be blowback, and then we'll put boots on the ground.

I keep wondering why Brazil isn't worried about the Middle East.

I also find it amazing that the solution to every problem involves spending more money.

I can't watch this pile of

shit any longer.

The word "traitor" and "treason" have been dwarfed because of this Con-artist-gress member.

Graham can just "Sit down! And shut up!" as he would advocate.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

A civil war within Syria, and

A civil war within Syria, and somehow the United States is at risk? I have never heard anyone from Syria threaten our country during this war. If anyone else has, please let me know. Until then, I would like to say one final thing:

I loved watching Loony Toons as the kid, but they have no business being in DC!

"We are at war with Eastasia.

We've always been at war with Eastasia."

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!
---Lily Tomlin

Man if Graham

thinks it is this big of a threat, he should suit up and ship out and go take em on. Coward talks behind a podium, give him a rifle and a plane ticket.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!



this pos needs to go

when this pos is booted from office , i wonder what revolving door he will enter into. probably some defense corp or homeland sec contractor.

despise him and mcain totally

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

United States of Wall Street

Hope we can retire the 'oil fascist's.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Nice timing.

Mox news rocks!!

kind people rock

Somebody with time should make a John McQaeda vid

Something that shows McQaeda's recent B.S. comment about "accept N.S.A. illegally spying on you because 9/11 & al-Qaeda" contrasted with this speech and other related imagery of al-Qaeda fighters McQaeda supports in Syria.

Here are a group of those al-Qaeda fighters, in a new vid, burning their passports and vowing jihad against nations outside the Middle East. Notice how many Saudi nationals there are, like what 9/11 Families & US Congressmen have been saying.

The Independent, April 18, 2014 ⎯ Foreign jihadis in Syria pledge their own 9/11

It is only a matter of time before jihadis in al-Qa'ida-type groups that have taken over much of eastern Syria and western Iraq have a violent impact on the world outside these two countries. The road is open wide to new attacks along the lines of 9/11 and 7/7, and it may be too late to close it.


9/11 Families & US Congressmen, March 2014, Washington, DC: 'Declassify the 28 Pages on [Saudi Arabian] Foreign Financing of 9/11'

If you don't have time for the entire 45 minutes, just watch the intro by former Sen. Bob Graham then fast-forward to Rep. Thomas Massie at 17:51.


Back in 2008...

I made a McCain video:

I don't think I could stand looking at him or hearing him for long enough to make a new video.

"don't think I could stand looking at him or hearing him"

That is understandable.