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Walter Jones Wins - beats former Bush official

Walter Jones, endorsed by Ron Paul beats Karl Rove backed and former George Bush official in the GOP primary.

Good News!


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Most liberal Republican in Congress???

I don't read Breitbart's website much primarily because most of their writers suffer from a really bad case of rectal-cranial immersion, and this statement is probably the most telling example of it I've seen yet. If not wanting to conquer the world and refusing to say that God is second to Israel is being liberal, then I'll be the first to break out the sandals and tie-dyes.

“My attitude toward progress has passed from antagonism to boredom. I have long ceased to argue with people who prefer Thursday to Wednesday because it is Thursday.” - G.K. Chesterton


"who was backed by the Washington establishment and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin"

Very telling about her and who she really is when you get past all of the rhetoric.

The man who resolved to impeach Obama,

had a full on attack from the Rove and Busch GOP DC establishment... WAKE UP Republican voters. They spent more money attacking Walter Jones than Obama. Proof of the two party, one party system. I'm ashamed of my fellow NC voters they are going to send a washed -up pop star reject (Clay aiken) to congress, but not Greg Brannon, who knows Constitution better than any politician alive.

Love the quote

“Lyndon Johnson’s probably rotting in hell right now because of the Vietnam War, and he probably needs to move over for Dick Cheney.”

This and the Brannon loss makes a wash

At least we are holding position, despite the million$ the Neo-Cons and Karl Rove are dumping into these states.


I didn't know Brannon lost?!?!?!? That sucks :(

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Jones overcame $1M of outside money. Excellent!

"Outside groups spent more than $1 million to paint Jones as “liberal” and boost Griffin’s candidacy in the 3rd District. But Republican operatives in North Carolina said Jones’ deep ties to the Tar Heel State were too much for Griffin to overcome."

just a note

Walter Jones was #2 on the establishment and Karl Rove's hit list, only behind Justin Amash.

Tom McClintock is also on their hit list as well as Thomas Massey.

Makes the victory all the sweeter...

huh? Reminds me of a Liberty delegate I recently met who told me the state party thinks his county GOP has gone 'rogue' because with no support from the party (they said it couldn't be done) this county successfully petitioned enough signatures to get a recall election on a state senator that supported excessive gun control laws in CO. After the victorious recall election, the state GOP chair came to their county headquarters to share in the glory. They locked him out but then made him drive back because he hadn't yet shook hands with the newly-elected senator who he had met when he was there. Have hope for some small pockets of awesomeness in the GOP!

Amash is stronger than Jones,

Amash is stronger than Jones, if they can't beat Walter I think Justin is pretty safe. Massie has no GOP challengers.

I agree on a couple of points

Amash has a national campaign chest, Walter did not.

Amash also is excellent communicator, much better than Walter Jones.

On the other hand, Walter Jones has done an excellent job for 20 years in his district and has a lot of support, in the end Jones pulled away fairly easily. Amash is in his most vulnerable year and they know it.

Walter also had the support of 90% of the Tea Parties, I think Amash does as well.

Jones is more controversial,

Jones is more controversial, his talk about Cheney burning in hell for example. And there is more in his long record to be criticized from any angle. Amash has an implied, if not actual endorsement from Ted Cruz. I'm not sure which. Justin endorsed him in 2012 if I recall.

Amash will win, if running ads saying Walter hates Israel could not bring him down. Nothing will bring Justin down, Right now getting McMillan elected is the most important thing in Michigan, and Justin is focused on that two.