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Choosing words wisely: "empire"

From reading comments on various sites, and talking with people to whom I introduce Dr. Paul, I am thoroughly convinced that the word empire turns people off, regardless of the fact that it is being used appropriately.

Dr. Paul, if you get any highlights from here, or anything passed on to you, please consider adding variety to your words in order to better reach the broad audience and keep them listening.

To replace empire, I would suggest "excessively dispersed and financially draining worldwide military presence"

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As a former pro-war conservative, I agree

Words like this just anger pro-war conservatives and make them reflexively oppose Paul. It makes them resent Paul with the perception that he's anti-American. I think this is because empires typically are empires for the sake of tyrannizing people. The U.S. "empire" has good intentions at least, of liberating people or of self-defense, even if it's a bad policy, is expensive, and doesn't work. At least most people who support the war, do so, have good intentions. It's not a good term to use. "Globally extended military" or what you suggest would be better. I also suggest dropping the "war monger" term. This is not the way to win pro-war people over to your viewpoint. It just makes them angry and solidify their pro-war positions just for the sake of opposing you. Paul's only hope at this point in the Republican race is to convert pro-war Republicans to his viewpoint. Angering them and causing resentment is not how to do it.

American Hegemony

Many modern historians, including Americans, refer to the superpower of the United States as hegemonic -where America is the hegemon.

He-gem-o-ny: a concept that has been used to describe the existence of dominance of one social group over another, such that the ruling group—referred to as a hegemon—acquires some degree of consent from the subordinate, as opposed to dominance purely by force. It is used broadly to mean any kind of dominance, and narrowly to refer to specifically cultural and non-military dominance, as opposed to the related notions of EMPIRE and SUZERAINTY

An Empire is unified under the rule of an Emperor, while the US elects a President who currently polices how foreign rulers dictate. Dr. Paul can speak to foreign affairs better than I can, I just want to say, Empire is the wrong word.

Good luck preaching the good word and our Candidate

Msg from a fellow Dr. Paul supporter

At the end of

the Spanish American war, which we won, we took over Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philipines .... then fought an insurgent war in the Philipines for about a decade, much like what's going on in Iraq right now. Then for a while we were preopcupied with WWI, the depression and WWII, but once that was over the CIA went to town - the CIA is responsible for an average of one coup D'etat or intervention of some kind around the world for every year between the creation of the CIA after WWII and the first gulf war. One coup or intervention which precipitated a war ... a year !!! Central America? South America? Africa? Do you have any idea the suffering the CIA caused around the world in the name of US business interests? The oil rich Gulf was targeted as well - Muslims probably have suffered the worst in the past 2 or 3 decades. That's why "they hate us". Seriously, if Ron Paul REALLY spoke the truth, they'd cart him off in a straight jacket before you could say "blueberry pie".

You could be correct.

First, let me say...I have a BA in Communication with a Master's in Public Administration.

I say that to lay foundation for at least a little expertise.

You may be correct in that as I often say, the meaning of words 'are in people' not necessarily from Webster's dictionary.

Ron Paul uses impact and condensed words. He has the constructs in his head--to support calling it an 'empire.' But, some will only hear 'star wars'--because that is what is in their heads...they have no construct in their minds to imagine how 'empire' fits in with how our government is pursuing an empire.

But, Dr. Paul does not really need someone to 'coach' him. I would even advise against it...for reasons I won't explain. It would take far too long.

Dr. Paul is who he is, and I've seen him in person---and he is absolutely spell-binding to any audience...simply by his integrity, simplicity, logic, and personal style.

And, what is meant for 'constructive critism' on his perceive speech deficits is actually harmful. I will not elaborate on that either.

Good question, with a resounding answer.

Truth is never negative. Although I agree that people have been brainwashed, and individually it would be wise to be sensitive to that - in order to keep the conversation going......... it would be wrong to
pretend on a national stage that the USA is not an Empire.

It is an EVIL Empire, and that is what needs to be said.
The worst thing about what has happened, is that this country
was one of The Evil Empire's that we so reviled. It has taken
a crisis for those of us who knew, those who did but could not
accept it and now have, to wake up the rest. That process
is still on going and it must be known that it is a process.

Brainwashing took time, and so will its undoing.

Truth is NEVER negative. The truth about facts regarding
negative realities or deeds serves to allow the CHANGE
we all want. Most importantly, the LIES MUST STOP.
The only way lies stop is to be replaced with truth,
because people want to believe in something.

Bring Pat Buchanan's A Republic, Not an Empire with you!

Who are you talking to? Don't they know about the history of Rome?

Ok, here is a more recent, just as relevant term: Imperialism.

As in British Imperialism - ie: British Empire.

That is what we are, an American military Empire.

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat pork!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!


....EMPIRE is the PERFECT word. If people do a small bit of thinking, and know ANY history, empires have ALWAYS gone DOWN. Then the small jump to realizing that is what "WE" are ought to follow!!


the arrogance to deny the truth....
since we were young we have been shown cartoons of good vs evil....
we are always the good guys....
people are in denial that America can do anything wrong or have an Empire....
you can sit on the ignorance and say we are out there promoting "democracy" and :"freedom".....
see what "democracy" we have at home and the "freedom".....
these idiots will never wake upp....and they are taking us down with them....

Empire is a wake up word

When I first heard the word Empire used, I had to think a bit on it and then said, "Wow, he's right, that's exactly what it is." It was a little hard to admit it, but how else are you going to describe it?

It's a word that makes you think. Then you look at the behavior of our government and suddenly you wake up.

Yes, its is a wake up word

But often people hit snooze. Lets remember that those of us posting here are fully awake, sometimes its difficult to recall what its like not to be.

Yes, you look at the behavior of the government and it is obvious, but what if we are trying to reach people who do not often look at the behavior of the government, or don’t even plan on voting?

As I said, I would describe it as an "excessively dispersed and financially draining worldwide military presence," which really cant be argued against, whereas for the average American, "empire" is probably more associated with Star Wars than foreign policy.


an Empire, people should get educated, get over it, or shut up.



Education does not start at

Education does not start at the conclusion, have you ever even been in school? First you lay a foundation and then build on it.

Education may not...

Start with a conclusion, but science does. Ron is putting forth a hypothesis, and further experiments (research) will prove it to be true.

This is the intellectual, libertarian approach. Sadly, I'll have to agree with you that the united states population as a whole, may just not have the mental wherewithal to research it.

Colony... Confederation... Republic... Nation-state... Empire... Colony...

Colony... Confederation... Republic... Nation-state... Empire... Colony...


My post was certainly uncouth, but it was fact. The original poster in this thread thinks the word "empire" is too strong for Ron Paul to use, that it might offend some people. We've been an empire since Teddy Roosevelt - people should wise up to that fact, and get educated on what the US has been up to over the last 100 years ... the sooner the better.

No apologies.

Listen to yourself

You're saying that people should get educated while concurrently being offended by the introduction to the topic, that will never work.

What I'm saying is that the message has to be tailored to the listener. Telling someone that we are an Empire, which I am not disagreeing with, is not education. Education is elaborating and explaining, not stating a blunt fact and relying on the listener to do the research, because they wont.

you speak the truth here

you speak the truth here about educating; we must explain not force understanding.