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Updates on primary results?

I've done web searches and I only get certain counties or states, nothing as a whole. Has anyone found the results on all primaries? Or at least the important ones we've been keeping an eye on?

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Mispost...I know clicked "reply" this time. I don't know how my messege got here. Maybe because I clicked "reply" befoe loging in.



How did cosmotarians do?

How did cosmotarians do? So far, most candidates I've heard about were conservatives with libertarian leanings or paleolibertarians with conservative leanings. It would be nice to see broader representation of our movement. It would improve our outreach potential.

Did any of them stay in the

Did any of them stay in the GOP? I think most of them followed the pipe of Gary Johnson and the LP. As fare as I know, hardly any Social Liberal libertarians are running in the Republican Primaries.

Most of our Liberty candidates that win, do so because the Social Cons and Tea Partiers will vote for Constitutionalists. When the message is delivered correctly.

Cosmolibertarians have always

Cosmolibertarians have always predominantly been independants, rather than Republican or Libertarian. The vast majority do not vote because they either hate the candidates or have simply given up.

If they were actually welcomed and helped to run for office, I'm sure you could get more of them. From what I've seen, they are often ignored, ridiculed, or even attacked...even by paleolibertarians. Also, social conservatism does scare many away, but you would think that at least in very socially liberal states that people could sacrifice cultural nannyism for the sake of critical issues like the economy and spending.

We need a bigger tent. I would love to see fellow cosmotarians and/or left market libertarians running in blue states in which paleos would never win. They are the best hope to convince social democrats and left liberals to shrink government.

Btw, there are constitutionalist cosmotarians.

Well, if a lot of them have

Well, if a lot of them have stopped being involved, that would explain it. I think more of them were around when Ron was running. Most of the winners we have had so far are in Conservative districts.

Cosmolibertarians like myself

Cosmolibertarians like myself don't like a lot of the liberty candidates that are being put out. They are way to conservative for us. I'll vote for Rand, Amash, Massie, and even ones who a bit more conservative. People like Ted Cruz or some of the other people taking the mantle of liberty are just too into social central planning and foriegn affairs rather than a step toward lazzie faire in all things. I did go to my local Republican meeting once and I couldn't do it. I was too turned off and disgusted to continue.

Yeah. We need our alliance with conservatives, but it's kind of sad that it divides the movement so much. I've been reading some left libertarian literature lately because they make some of the most effective populist arguements against the regulatory state and big government in general. Left-wing statists simply haven't listined to me before, but the articles I sent them from left libertarians actually swayed the leftie statist friends that I shared them with.

Right now, left libertarians spend a lot of their energies infighting with right libertarians rather than outreach to non-libertarians. Cosmotarians like myself are happy to work with either. If only we could actually work together...

I don't support Cruz either.

I don't support Cruz either.

Idaho updates

RLCID will post updates on the primary races in Idaho. Our endorsement slate includes a challenger to every do-nothing state-wide establishment character currently in office.

We recently released the first round of endorsements after an exhaustive 1 month review process.

Our Primary is May 20. We have strong challengers for Governor, Attorney General, Sec of State, and Super. of Public Instruction. We (the RLCID) also have several members running for the state Legislature (including yours truly).

Ada County, the largest county in the state, and home of the state capitol, has only ONE contested District, with the district's senator & one representative facing challengers. Each primary race is a 2 way. The challengers are ... Jason Robinson (House) and Diego Rodriguez (Senate).

Because there is only 1 contested district in the entire political stronghold, we are facing a HUGE flood of establishment money. Last election cycle, the District 15 Senate seat race cost more than $200k, which is absolutely obscene for a single Idaho state senate race.

Diego and I are getting outspent 5:1 (easily), but we have a cadre of energetic volunteers working the super voter lists and handing out lit and getting the word out about the establishment's terrible voting record.

So if anyone can spare the cost of a lunch to either of us, we would greatly appreciate a symbolic $15 for District 15. That goes a long way towards postage (links for donations on both websites).

I have a mailing in the works and $15 will pay for mailing to 71 of the 1800 super voter houses in the district. Depending on funding, I'll be hitting the super voters twice in the last week.

We can't do signs because our opponents immediately steal our signs (a felony!) and even put their signs up on our poles right after. They cannot compete on the merits of their voting records, so they resort to theft, intimidation, and their money backers to drown out other voices.

State Secretary
Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho
National Board Member At-Large
Republican Liberty Caucus

Door to door is the way to

Door to door is the way to win, that's the way local liberty guys become....


Get used to the term!

Door to Door

And I just got my box of flyers in the mail. Care to help finance a precinct? I've got the people to do the walking!
Precinct #GOP Super Voters
1501 167
1502 174
1503 173
1504 151
1505 121
1506 128
1507 140
1508 148
1509 149
1510 84
1511 74
1512 52
1513 62
1514 99
1515 84
Grand Total 1806

This is a pathetically TINY number of votes needed to win a state legislature seat. Right now I am running against a retired federal marshal that was appointed by our governor and that NO ONE KNOWS. You can just imagine what his civil rights stances will be. I'm a former Meridian City Police Officer (in Idaho) and I can go toe to toe on any issue of public safety or on the "quality" of my background.

I have a GREAT chance to win. Odds are EVEN people!! It doesn't get much better than that! The opponent has never run a campaign and is just riding on his running mate in the Senate's money machine. He has no ground game or experience inside the county GOP (but his wife does).

State Secretary
Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho
National Board Member At-Large
Republican Liberty Caucus

UPDATE: Indiana Liberty

UPDATE: Indiana Liberty Candidates Victorious!

Happy to report that many liberty candidates were victorious during yesterday's primary! Curt Nisly unseated incumbent state rep. Rebecca Kubacki with 65% of the vote in district 22. Nisly was supportive of Ron Paul and the delegates supporting him at the Indiana State Republican convention back in 2012. He was endorsed by Sheriff Brad Rogers and Gun Owners of America. The main attack used against him during the final weeks was his support for Gary Johnson in the general election. Kubacki had drawn fire from all sides for being a disrespectful representative and lying about her votes. (Social conservatives lambasted her for switching her vote on the marriage amendment.)

Christopher Judy pulled off a big upset in the 83rd district. A Ron Paul supporter, veteran and GM worker he unseated Rep. Kathy Heuer. Heuer also came under fire from social conservatives while libertarians were concerned about her support for common core and her fiscal policies. Didn't expect this one, so it was a very nice surprise.

Both Judy and Nisly came under intense attacks from the Indiana chamber of commerce. The chamber spent tens of thousands of dollars in an attempt to discredit them. In Nisly's case, they claimed he was too socially conservative, was a secessionist, hated children, wanted children to die in daycares, was too liberal and voted for that Gary Johnson guy. The attacks backfired, and they are both the favorites headed into the general election. Both of these victories have caught statewide attention and national circles are beginning to take note. (In other news, the big 'L' libertarians again bemoaned the fact that they aren't getting attention...)

Matt Dillon of Wabash won his primary in the race for city council. Dillon is the vice chairman of the county republican party and a Ron Paul supporter as well. I believe he is favored to win in the general as well.

Sheriff Brad Rogers of Elkhart County was unopposed in the primary and the democrats haven't put up a candidate to face him so far.

These are the ones I know of so far, will update this when I learn more.

I greatly appreciate it stonewall

Just so you know, I love your post! You always have the most informative post, IMO

Alright fonzdrew, here is

Alright fonzdrew, here is what I have so far. Thanks to jurgs01 for the info posted on DP and elsewhere, North Carolina:

Walter Jones and Vince Coakley won their primaries for Congress. Mark Walker looks headed to a runoff.
Mattie Lawson, Larry Pittman, and Mike Clampitt won their State House races.
Paul Wright, Johnathan Jordan, Michael Speciale, Molotov Mitchell, and Richard Rivette all were uncontested and get to move on.

Brannon lost.

Indiana victories:
Cat Ping -Fellow Traveler
Curt Nisly SH22
Christopher Judy SH83
Donald Lehe SH25- Fellow Traveler
Brad Rogers Elkart County Sheriff-Uncontested
L Jack Hutz SH35 Fellow Traveler (Unapposed)

Ohio: I know of no wins in Ohio.