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Fracking Banned in Beverly Hills

RT: Celebrity-stacked Beverly Hills has become the first municipality in California to ban the practice of hydraulic fracking, or fracking, along with acidization and other extreme well stimulation techniques.

The initial push for legislation happened last month and was confirmed by Tuesday’s city council vote, which was unanimous. The law will come into effect June 6, Reuters reported.

Speaking to the news agency just before the final vote was in, council spokesperson Therese Kosterman explained the council’s decision by saying that “industrial processes such as mining and oil drilling really [are] not appropriate in Beverly Hills.”

Although Beverly Hills itself has no ongoing fracking operations, nearby towns in Los Angeles County have quite a few. And despite the veneer of luxury and the jet-set lifestyle witnessed in the trendy area, the oil industry seems to be just as alive there as in other, more marginalized cities and towns in the United States.

Even Beverly Hills High School couldn’t do anything to curb oil drilling for decades, although there was later a vote in 2011 that pledged to end the practice by 2016.


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According to the EPA CA gets

According to the EPA CA gets 50.4% of their energy from natural gas so is Hollywood going to cut their usage in half now?

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