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Isn't it time for us to isolate our media?

So a lot of people talk about how our country needs to go back to being an isolated country, and usually they refer to war and military conflict . But how many people how thought about isolating our news? I just find it shameful that we, as a country, can focus so much on gay rights protests in Russia when there are still similar issues here in over half of the states. Why is it that our media focuses so much on issues in Syria or the Russia-Ukraine mess when we still have troops overseas and people starving on our own streets?

I guess I just keep forgetting that the mass public, along with the most popular media outlets, think that our countries biggest issue is the latest attempt to repeal and replace the ACA. It just pisses me off that our two-party system would rather spend so much time bashing each other in public, then secretly putting the country in ruin, rather than focus on what matters most: The American people. Our media needs to stop using another country's issues in order to force us, the "perfect Big Stick superpower" to get involved in something that has never involved us.

So am I alone in thinking that OUR media should focus on US rather than someone else?

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you seem to think the media is not part of the government

they are one and the same. Only on paper are they different entities. The news media in this country is just the propoganda department for the government, particularly the big government, socialist arm of the government. They no more want you to know the truth about anything than any tyrant would.

So this will just continue

So this will just continue until we're able to get our government back on the right track. Sadly, I figured someone would say that.

Knowing about what is going

Knowing about what is going on the world is very important. I don't think that Americans are over-educated about the situation in Syria; most probably can't even form a coherent sentence on the topic.

Plus, so much of our news is already domestically focused. Sign up for one of those headline alerts systems and see how high of a percent are for things that are happening in the United States.

And the media doesn't focus on people starving in the America because basically 0% of the population dies from starvation anymore here.


Hearst Corp
General Electric

These organizations dictate what can, and cannot be broadcast on their channels and subsidiary local stations. Applies for newspapers as well. Real journalism will get you killed.

Southern Agrarian