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TIME IS ON OUR SIDE, if Paul does poorly super Teusday, its 3rd party!!!

I hear lots of talk about third party... I *do* agree that its time for a third party and that the American Public can be woken up WITH TIME to Dr. Paul...
so I recommend that *if* Ron Paul does great Super Teusday or at least continues to establish himself as a major Republican candidate, then he stays with the GOP as long as he can...

BUT, if Ron Paul does poorly, I am 100% convinced its because PEOPLE HAVE NOT HEARD HIS MESSAGE... and the more time he is a candidate for President, the most his policies will be distributed, talked about, researched, etc.... Time has been AGAINST Ron Paul as well as name recognition from the start... the only way to overcome this blockage is by using TIME itself... and that is why I think he should run to establish a third party - its time... the public is disgusted and only hanging in with their prospective parties over the Iraq war - I dont think economics is REALLY concerning the public right now - its the war in IRAQ...
More time will get Paul more recognition of his political positions and its our job and frankly HIS to be the only voice to speak out in the wilderness.... its like a calling... if *I* were in Ron Paul's shoes, EVEN IF I COULDNT WIN... I would hang in there just to get my message across to the American People for the next go around.... if you get my drift - it might not be Paul but perhaps one of his Sons??

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Troll alert....lol

This is just one of Saul4Paul's other account names... just ignore the poor Huck follower.

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~

No, Ron Paul will not run 3rd Party... here is why

Ron Paul has been trying to reform the Republican Party - he has successfully begun by starting a rEVOLution. If he leaves the Republican Party his influence in the party is gone forever. I do believe we will all begin to understand more after his book comes out (Manifesto)

I PROMISE you, if you watch this lecture you will understand and it will change your life and your outlook on everything.

Watching this video will be like taking the redpill (Matrix)


Please watch it. PLEASE.

After you have done so, contact this fellow on Ron Paul Forums, you'll understand why it has to be by PM after you watch the video.
It's LONG, but it is a must and you'll be glad you did.

Yes, I'm begging! :)

by the way... super tuesday is not the end - you can not possibly know what will happen AFTER that, the other half of the country votes after Super T. Don't give up man!

---- ---- ----
Find information on your State - vote for Ron Paul and become a Delegate and or Precinct Chair!

Do you KNOW how to become a Delegate for Ron Paul? -- Do it!

---- ---- ----
Find information on your State - vote for Ron Paul and become a Delegate and or Precinct Chair!

Do you KNOW how to become a Delegate for Ron Paul? -- Do it!

3rd party!

G_d bless
Attend a Church of your choice this Saturday

G_d bless
Attend a Church of your choice this Saturday

Please stop buying the

Please stop buying the media's crap. Super Tuesday leaves many states undecided. It's still a contest as much as they would like you to think all the other states are irrelevant.

Don't jump ship for another fight when the one your already in is still winable.

Want him in Congress

Why do you want to get Ron Paul out of Congress? Running as a 3rd party candidate he would have no shot of being elected, no chance of being invited to the debates and he couldn't run for re-election as a Republican while running for President as an independent. Also, 3rd party candidates spend all their time trying to get on the ballot and almost no time spreading their message. The man is 72 years old and ran 3rd party 20 years ago. He's been there and done that. (I bet he's even go the t-shirt.)
If he doesn't get the Republican nomination for President I think its our job to help get him re-elected to Congress. You know that the neocons will throw everything at him they can and he'll need our help to get re-elected.

Aren't you forgetting someone?

Does the doctor get a say?

I don't know where you are but, where my family live, they have the 4th highest unemployment in the nation and every other house is in foreclosure. Believe me, the economy is an issue.

Good luck to us all,

Lisa C.


Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

Bob Barr is Waiting

Bob Barr is waiting folks. Good luck to RP on the 5th, after that he will have a huge decision to make.... fight to the end in the GOP to spread his message or go third party and ensure ballot access for third parties on the presidential ticket for the future. The choice will be his to make.

Think of the infrastructure we have now

Imagine if we had the Precinct Leader program set up 12 months ago. If the people who have signed up (and will continue to sign up) are really committed to getting him elected, we have a good shot at the general election. The key is we cannot lose momentum after Super Tuesday. I personally think we will do very well on Tuesday. But if we don't, it's just one more challenge we will have to face.

"No man has a natural right to commit aggression on the equal
rights of another, and this is all from which the laws ought to restrain him." --Thomas Jefferson

Libertas, Pax, Prosperitas

A very good idea.

If RP fails on Super Tuesday, he should make a third party run for the Presidency. Each state fashions its own rules on who can run for Federal or state office. Almost all States require the collection of millions of signatures before he can be on any of their ballots. The percentage varies from 3% to 10% of previous election voters in that state.

This kind of very harsh requirement will be a good incentive for RP grassroots to go out and convert millions of voters while collecting their signatures. Even if RP does not win the Presidency, the base will grow a lot bigger and the party will be well established for Local, Congressional, Senate and future Presidential elections.

rasmussen reports

A recent Rasmussen Report (idiot, yes, I know) announced that Paul could have (today) as much as 11% running as an independent or third party candidate. Imagine when more of America hears his message without the spinsters labeling him "weird." I, too, (ashamedly) once thought he was "kooky" and "weird" in the early debates before I went to his website and truly found his message!


"Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together."
-Dwight D. Eisenhower

"Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together."
-Dwight D. Eisenhower

3rd Party or not,

the problem remains as to how to outflank the establishment CFR media. RP, Kucinich and Nader haven't found a way. When the internet becomes the primary means of mass communication, the CFR will move in to dominate it as well.

We need to brainstorm this question.

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

Boycott Fox. Boycott PayPal. Boycott ChipIn.

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

It's easy

"the problem remains as to how to outflank the establishment CFR media"

1) You go door to door and provide internet links to people so they can learn on their own.

2) You make sure that while doing #1 you give them a stream of feedback to you (e-mail address).

3) Once they are converted, you recruit them to assist in the effort and you blanket your entire area going back to #1. Only this time you're broadening your scope.

Once we've infected the entire population, there is no more concern over the controlled media.

Easier to just Win!

Just get out the Vote for Super Tuesday! If all of Ron Paul's supporters voted---including the half-a$$ed ones, we'd win in every state. Most people just talk. Arrange rides, meet friends to vote and have coffee afterwards, have a post-voting party.... Identify our voters and GET them to the polls!

This is WAY easier than trying to organize a 3rd party run. If we aren't committed enough to canvass and get the vote out, we sure can't handle a 3rd party run. Ron Paul is doing his part but he can't do ours too. Sign up to be a Precinct leader.

Never vote for lesser of two evils

Your vote is your voice. I will never vote for the lesser of two evils. If it's Hillary/Obama vs. McCain I will vote third party, probably Libertarian.

Sorry Folks

I hope and pray we can squeak out a republican nom for Dr. Paul, but if he doesn't get it we would all be foolish to even consider a 3rd party split. This would mean handing the presidency to a democrat and most of us simply cannot afford to be taxed anymore than we already are. Dr. Paul has consisently said he will not seek a 3rd party run for the office. I pray he sticks to this stance or we will be headed for socialism under Hillary or Obama within the next year. The sensible thing to do is hope for another chance in 2012 and vote this year for the lesser of 2 evils as usual and in this case it will be the republican candidate.

Pointless argument

"This would mean handing the presidency to a democrat and most of us simply cannot afford to be taxed anymore than we already are."

So we either get taxed directly by the Republicans and actually pay for something outright, or we sell out, vote for the Republican nominee and incurr the inflation tax that we've seen very clearly in the last few years?

It's lose/lose if we don't support Ron Paul until the very end.

Where did you come from anyway? With the logic you presented in your post there is no way you understand the real problem we're facing. It's not about immediate tax benefits.




I hate to say it, but for the millionth time as so many people have said, it does not matter who gets it if Paul does not get it. They are all the same. We are going to fascism, period, if Paul does not get it.

And a third party run will not get it for him if we do not have a dependable 100% Verify the Vote running parallel to the election. Our goose is cooked.

It is obvious how strong they think Paul is. They would exclude him, but can't do that now because of us. So they chop him off. They know his message is their worst nightmare. But they are not beyond any dirty trick. This is going to be extremely difficult.


right on brother, no party lines exist. we WILL get the same crap if RP does not get it. period.

If Super Teusday fails, I know 3rd party is a long haul BUT....

We have to have MORE TIME to get Ron's message out - even the debates are silencing him.... If Paul does not have a decent showing on Super Teusday, the momentum will have turned against us in the GOP - the GOP is running scared of the Democrats and the Democrats are running scared of the GOP and both parties dont REALLY like their candidates but are lining up against the other side by supporting whoever they think can win (not necessarily a good candidate but a winnable one) -
That is why I think if Paul fails this Super Teusday, then its time he switch immediately for OUR SAKES if not his and go third party. Its a long haul, but WE HAVE THE ORGANIZATION in place to accomplish this pretty easily....
all this aside I HOPE SUPER TEUSDAY IS WELL, SUPER - and everyone give Feb 1 for 51st anniversary - lets have that MEGA-MONEY BOMB we have all been talking about - remember money talks and also helps get his message out - no money and your a Muckabee.... or McLame... Ghouliani found out the hard way - you gotta have CASH!!

Brokered Convention

There are good chances that we will have a brokered convention. Meaning, Super Tuesday is not the end - but only still in the beginning stage. There is still plenty of time to get our message to all the delegates, whether or not they were originally supporting RP.


wolfe's picture

Third party...

Is a waste of time. Dr. Paul actually made more firm statement the other day, "By the time we know how we are doing, it would be too late anyway"... And he is right, once he has been on the primary ballot and lost in a number of states, sore loser laws will prevent him from being on the ballot for a different party.

If we go through with super tuesday, and all indications are that we are. It is all or nothing in the GOP.

As far as the Libertarian's. I have more faith in them than that. They would do the right thing and nominate Paul if that ever became an option.

However, it would do the cause far more good in the long run if Dr. Paul, endorsed the LP candidate and headed up our movement from his congressional office. If he didn't win the GOP nomination.

It would potentially catapult the LP party to being the dominant second party in our system. Let us not forget that the Republican Party was a third party at one time.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Stop Saying Thrid Party is a Waste of Time

We may have no option after February 5th. Stop trying to diminish our enthusiasm and hope.

wolfe's picture

I am not trying to kill your enthusiasm...

But direct it somewhere productive. Did you not read what I said about the sore loser laws? If he was going to go third party, it would have been BEFORE Super Tuesday. That's why Buchanan chose to do it when he did.

We can change America, but it is important that he end on a winning note, regardless of whether we take the GOP win or not. Which means, he must direct all of that entusiasm somewhere where it can make a difference before the average Joe shuts down on the issue!

He is required for this movement to go forward, and a "spoiler" is all he could do if he couldn't get on all the ballots, which he wouldn't be able to if we blow Super Tuesday anyway.

So Super Tuesday is our do or die. We have to pull out at least a few wins to insure we make it to the convention. After that, we win, period.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Keep collecting delegates...

Right now no talk of 3rd party run should be made. It is not the time. We should keep fighting till the end. Fight to win no matter what. These debates help expose the other candidates even if Ron Paul only gets very little time.

So keep the faith and the fight up.

Deep down everyone is Libertarian.
Live and Let Live, form of government.

Third party no good

I really think what needs to be done is what the neocons did with the GOP, get inside it and transform it - in our (some of ours) case, take it back.

Improved GOP means an improved Democratic party = everyone wins. This idea that a third party can do much is, to me, hopeful at best.

"What does conservatism today stand for? It stands for war. It stands for power. It stands for spying, jailing without trial, torture, counterfeiting without limit, and lying from morning to night."

Lew Rockwell

Don't say that

It is always an option. It is time we have more than two parties. We should wait, though, until after February 5th.

Problem with the LP nomination

There are people who are committed to making trouble for Ron getting the LP nomination if the source of the newsletters isn't made clear. His failure to handle that well is REALLY a problem for some very noisy Libertarians who are guaranteed to be at the convention.

Posted to the "Libertarian Reform Caucus" list today (not by me):
"I have heard that if Ron Paul announces he is seeking the nomination for President of the Libertarian Party copies of the article 'Angry White Man' published in New Republic will be distributed to the attendees at the convention in Denver."

See: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LibertarianReformCaucus/messag...

They are EXTREMELY afraid of being branded as bigots. (Especially given the LP's support for freedom of association.) Some Libertarians have the impression that the Constitution Party is composed of paleos who wouldn't be bothered as much by this accusation.

Note that the LP has better ballot access than the CP, which is important.