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Punk Rock Legend Patti Smith Speaking Out

Punk Rock Legend Patti Smith on Her Life, Her Art, Her Singing and Speaking Out

We bring you a Democracy Now! special with the singer-songwriter, poet, artist and punk rock legend, Patti Smith, on her life, her art and her singing and speaking out. "I do things that make people upset. My political views or my humanist views have caused me a lot of censorship, but I don’t have a problem with that," Smith says. "What I would have more of a problem is if I had to look back on my life and say, 'Yeah, I compromised here' and 'yeah, I did this so I could get that.' Once you start doing that, it’s like a house of cards — it all falls apart."


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Democracy Now

While I disagree with much of what comes from Democracy Now, I do agree with a lot of key points they raise. You can find a youtube clip where Amy Goodman defends Adam Kokesh during an anti gun protest which Adam showed up to in order to ask questions. Amy is a true progressive and not playing into the Left/Right BS. Democracy Now and Amy deserve a lot of credit for not falling into the game.

And at 50:00 into the video, Patty makes a relevant point from which we could all take some good advise.

We are not a democracy.....

We are not a democracy.....


now to convince the masses.

I think

As of recent, the single thing that has pissed me off the most is the word Democracy being thrown around like it is the be all and end all way of life.

My friend said Democracy twice in one sentence in completely the wrong context and I had to call him out on it. I asked "You do know we live in a Constitutional Republic, right?" He of course didn't really get it.

I find this so sad. I don't blame him, I was in all of his same classes growing up, we were never taught any of that. All through middle and high school, the only word that was thrown around was Democracy. Even throughout College, I had to teach that to myself.

we all did, but

i doubt patti smith's and DN's idea of democracy is anything like, say, pelosi's or feinstein's.

Sure it is

They want power for their use.

Further, the result of them obtaining it would be the same as Pelosi's, the power would be sold to the same people who it is sold today.

Power will always be sold to the highest bidder.

Democracy is evil in principle and democracy is evil in result.

they are antiwar

anti gitmo, anti nsa, police state patriot act etc. feinstien, pelosi etc are cheerleaders for all of those evil policies. remember what ron paul said about bringing together libertarians with progressives who agreed on some issues, big issues! he did it with nader and kucinich. baby steps.think long term.

Point taken. I just don't

Point taken. I just don't trust Amy Goodman.

I feel that way about Greenwald.. but when I smell Amy Goodman I smell Lenin. I don't think Amy is anti-war or anti-spying per se, she just works for interests that disapprove of the way we are engaging in those activities and who we are doing it too.

She wouldn't have the voice she has if she were morally opposed to spying and war across the board. She basically works for Soros. You think he's opposed to war and spying?

If the US were acting against enemies of socialist regimes in South America, or acting against the enemies of Palestine, I honestly think she would shut right up.

I could be wrong about Democracy NOW!, but that's my take.

And it bears repeating.. I am opposed to Democracy NOW!, Democracy LATER!, Democracy EVER! Democracy is evil, and she works for an outfit that is named for evil and calling for evil. 'NOW!'

No we're an oligarchy.

Isn't it lovely?

Saw her a few times

in the late '70s

Speaking of that censorship: