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Will The NBA Fine Michael Jordan and force him to sell his interest in the Bobcats?


Jordan: Considered myself a racist
Updated: May 7, 2014, 12:57 PM ET

Michael Jordan reveals his past struggles with racism in a biography released Tuesday.

In the book, titled "Michael Jordan: The Life," Jordan describes to author Roland Lazenby how growing up in the 1970s in North Carolina -- where he said the Ku Klux Klan was dominant -- shaped his views on race.

Those views were strengthened after he watched the miniseries "Roots" and learned about the suffering of his African-American ancestors.

The tipping point, Jordan said, came in 1977, when a girl at his school called him the N-word.

"So I threw a soda at her," Jordan says in the book, excerpts of which were detailed in the New York Post. "I was really rebelling. I considered myself a racist at the time. Basically, I was against all white people."

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To say that the NBA should

To say that the NBA should punish Jordan for things that happened in the 70s is like saying people should be locked up for smoking pot one day in the school parking lot back in the same time period. After all, the NBA won't stand for racism and pot is still illegal in some states, so the NBA should fine anyone who ever made a racist remark or considered themselves a racist while the government locks up everyone who ever smoked pot, including people in D.C.

You and I both know that it is not going to happen. We're talking about a self-proclaimed former racist here. It's not as if he confessed to murder.


...come get me...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

What if...

…Jordan stated that he was a racist in the 80's, but changed?

The 90's?

Ten years ago?


Last year?

Where is the line drawn?

Of course I know nothing will come of this

I just posted to bring up the question. I absolutely don't want the league to fine/suspend/take away ownership rights from Michael Jordan. Even as a Knicks fan, I'm a big fan of MJ.

For what it's worth the Sterling tapes were from last November (and only released recently). I wonder what would happen if Sterling tried to claim "I used to feel that way but no more and you have to give me the benefit of the doubt - same as MJ".

Not only were the tapes from last November...

…but in those very tapes he stated that "I don't hate anyone". He actually bristled at the repeated suggestion that he's a racist.

I don't think Sterling was personally racist either, but...

..He sure as hell was embarrassed because his "culture" of fellow elitists would look down upon him for allowing his secret girlfriend to be seen in public with black people... Pretty clear that he associates with a racist culture of elitists who look down on blacks, and that he cares more about what those people think, than individualism.

So basically he is a coward with weak morals who was peer pressured into racist behavior. As an owner of one of 30 teams in a league that s made up of predominantly black individuals, based on their individual merit as basketball talents, it is bad for business to have that kind of person in a position of authority in the NBA.

It was a free-market driven move by the NBA, to fine him.

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