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Meteorologist Janet Yellen Assesses the State of the Economy

Yellen today

The economy paused in Q1 but clearer skies ahead!


“I see that pause as mostly reflecting transitory factors, including the effects of the unusually cold and snowy winter weather,”

“With the harsh winter behind us, many recent indicators suggest that a rebound in spending and production is already under way, putting the overall economy on track for solid growth in the current quarter.”

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She must got one a dem weather ropes...


Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

And what is her weekend

And what is her weekend forecast?

Yellen provides plenty of hot air on the economy

I suppose this summer it will be too warm for people to work and the wind will take a toll on the economy come fall.

There is always an excuse at the ready

The Fed has been printing for FIVE years with out a "recovery"


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Hmmm...weather, you say?


Yes if not for the cold weather printing $85 billion a month

would work!

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Good thing

Weather can't be engineered, modified or otherwise intervened in by public and private actors to achieve certain ends, like distraction or shifting blame for failed policies. Oh wait, such technologies and techniques are widely acknowledged and well established. It's not possible is it? Cue chemtrails "debunkers" in 3...2...1.