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Why the “Balanced Budget Amendment” Is A Hoax – And A Deadly Trap

You can not responsibly support a proposed Amendment to Our Constitution unless you have read and understand the proposal and how it would change our Constitution. You must look behind the nice sounding name! Will the Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) really “rein in” the federal government? Will it really “show them” that they have to balance their budget the same as we do?

Or does it actually legalize spending which is now unconstitutional? Is it actually a massive grant of new constitutional powers to the President and the federal courts – a grant which will cut the Heart out of The Constitution our Framers gave us?



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Uh, isn't this

the bill Rand has been selling since he took office, and the bill father said he didn't support? Everything he has put forth, doesn't stop anything. For instance, he wasn't against the drones in the US, only against them being used to target unconvicted Americans. Oh, I believe that's incorrect, too, as I recall him talking about using them on an armed robber who just robbed a liquor store.

I'd prefer seeing a "no borrowing" amendment

if I thought adding another amendment would be respected any more than the existing ones.

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Thanks for posting.

Thanks for posting.

This amendment should

This amendment should basically be one line. "The federal government shall not spend more monies than it takes in and must pay down any debts or owed money within 1 day." Expanded to cover everything relavant though that single sentence is pretty broad already.

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