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ABC World News just admitted to Chemtrails

ABC world news tonight with diane sawyer just admitted they "pumped chemicals in to the clouds" to make it rain. It was the first story, and was discussing the crazy weather patterns of late.

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Every day I see multiple planes!

I live in Northeast IL.. I have seen 5 different airplanes spraying chem trails/Geo Engineering. On other days I see fewer planes.

A few months ago, a group of people entered the emergency rooms with an unexplained illness. The doctors couldn't diagnose it.

The Chicago area has the third highest air pollution in the nation. Our skies have a constant haze just like L.A. and China.

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So the vector for infection is the planes!

The people staffing the loading and flying and distributing of the "cloud-seeding" chemicals are compartmentalized.

As is the person putting the chemicals into the metal bottle that the other person loads onto the plane.

So that person putting chemicals in just needs to be compromised, and s/he will put a poison of some sort or worse into the metal bottle, and the rest as they say it is history.

I can't be the first to think of this, but it just sent a chill. Be well.

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I live in the Seattle area

Lots of chemtrails here.Also lots of rain.No need for cloud seeding.
When I was a kid there were no chemtrails. So what has changed?
If these things aren't chemtrails,then what is different now to cause them?

I don't know how old you are

I don't know how old you are so I can't comment specifically on why this is. However, most planes were propeller-driven aircraft and did not produce a lot of heat through their engines relative to today's jets. A jet engine moves a large volume of air and that air is heated up quite a bit. Also, today's planes fly faster and this raises the compression on the air at the front of the jet engine, causing the air to heat up. The end is result is a larger quantity of air heated up to a higher temperature. The modern high-bypass jet engine has only been around since the 70s and have been getting progressively improved.

Why is heat so important? Well, with the intense heat coming off the jet engine, the air is heated up quite a bit but then rapidly cools off after leaving the engine. This rapid cooling creates condensation of the moisture present in the air. The condensed air will eventually see the evaporation of the water molecules again and the condensation trail (contrail, for short) will dissipate. How rapidly it dissipates is a function of ambient air temperature and humidity. Cool humid air will not see as fast an evaporation of the condensation trail. Cool humid air is also common when low pressure conditions exist. Since condensation trails linger longer under these conditions, it can lead one to believe that there is a lot of weather modification being done and then the low pressure storm arrives and they think that the latter is caused by the former or made worse by it.

Here in AZ, contrails dissipate pretty quickly because the air is so dry and that facilitates evaporation. In a humid area, like Seattle, contrails don't evaporate as fast. It's like soaking up water on your counter with a sopping wet sponge. Our air here is a dry sponge but on humid days, the contrails stick around here.


Thank's for the explanantion Duane

We are on a flight path going to the Seattle airport. The planes
going over our house towards Seattle never leave a trail.The ones that leave a chemtrail come from the opposite direction and are not
going to the airport.Maybe they are coming from a military base
which is in that direction.I find this very odd.

The descent portion of a

The descent portion of a flight has the engine speeds cut down to idle as it is not necessary to run them at higher levels of thrust since the intent is to lose altitude. Less air being forced through the engine and being heated.


I could use your help

On the Chemtrails debunked thread.

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1) ABC news is not credible

2) Cloud seeding is not chemtrails

3) Cloud seeding does not necessarily have anything to do with crazy weather.

So there is nothing here really.

It would be relevant if ABC did report on chemtrails,

that is, if the mainstream media did start to. But cloud seeding is not new, not chemtrails. So I agree, there's nothing really here.

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oh ya diane sawyer said it

oh ya diane sawyer said it therefore it must be solid facts and truth lol

you are dumb

you are dumb

It's called weather

It's called weather modification and it's not new. "Chemtrails" is an ignorant and paranoid description.

Why would someone downvote

Why would someone downvote this?

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you are dumb

you are dumb

The Pink Elephant in the Room is really a Red Herring

Focus on vaccines, if you want the real story.

Chemtrails are a distraction from that.


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Cloud seeding is nothing new

Cloud seeding is nothing new and certainly not a conspiracy. It requires a special tanker plane with a spray rig and a ground crew to fill the tanks.

Beware the cult of "government"...


oh I didn't realize :( thank you for clarifying

Might be nothing new...but they sure have been

cloud seeding in Northwest Florida an awful lot over the past year. Hardly a day goes by without planes playing tic tac toe overhead.

Same in Central Florida

All you have to do is look up.

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Cognitive dissonance...

Tanker...ground crew...spray...if they told us on TV...all is good...now where did I put my TV Guide?

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?