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Josie The Outlaw’s Facebook Page Deleted

DEVELOPING: Josie Wales, a.k.a. Josie The Outlaw’s Facebook page has just been deleted without warning.This has happened more than a week after another freedom-centered Youtuber Stefen Molyneux’s channel was disappeared without violating any of Youtube’s policies. The trend of Youtubers losing channels without provocation hit a critical point with the dissipation of Mark Dice’s channel.

Josie has attempted to contact Facebook with no replies and as this is a developing story she had no statements other than …

“ … Facebook disappeared my other page, with no notice and no response … “

Facebook has been limiting any anti-establishment page that it disagrees with and firearms owner and supporter Josie Wales has fallen under the crosshairs, Josie’s Youtube channel remains up however.

Please share and show your support for Josie by demanding Facebook to reinstate Josie’s Facebook page.

Also we at We Are Change are also under the same threat to have our main channel deleted; we ask that you subscribe and share the videos on our backup Youtube channel in the case that we also have our main channel taken down unexpectedly, thank you.

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I quit Facebook several

I quit Facebook several months ago and I never looked back. I actually have a real life now.

Turn off the TV Propaganda.
Find out what's really going on!
"Your portal to reality!"

Tine to delete Facebook out

Tine to delete Facebook out of consideration for communicating.

It is what one stands for:

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

If they try to shut us up...

...it will eventually spill out onto the streets... worse than it already is...

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?


Should hire a private defense agency to resolve this.

Facebook is the new Myspace


Screw Facebook


Leges sine moribus vanae

Get off facebook!

why would an activist who is opposed to centralized power want to promote themselves through facebook which is a CIA datamining operation?

Maybe make a page on an open source decentralized service like diaspora?

"The Facebook Fad."

"The Facebook Fad."

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

It's becoming so common...

someone could start their own site, banned.com to upload banned facebook pages. It would be popular.

I love it

True free speech!

Great idea!

Do it!

second that, great idea

I could go to that site and Google each entity deleted from Facebook and then find out who is really putting the fear of irrelevance into the existing paradigm.

worrying to say the least

The list of disappearing liberty people on social media like youtube facebook G+, and probably soon to come, twitter is worrying to say the least. I kind of knew or felt that it would happen since the companies who owns these services, including "Don't be evil, google", are under the hand and protection of the state. Someone said below about a decentralized social network and don't worry it will come. The problem is to get it big enough to have an impact.

The sleeping masses still put up all kinds of stuff on facebook etc. We need them too to make an impact. I have no idea how this will happen but I do see some light in the end of the tunnel. Even my mother said just recently that she has stopped, and told others to stop, using facebook because she doesn't like the way that facebook handles the materials posted there, like her pictures and similar.

She also talked about a former work friend who was canned because he said something semi-bad about the company on facebook. Not really blaming the company for sacking him but the point is that people are understanding that private and official statements are two very different things.

Another problem would be to get funding for a decentralized social media site. A decentralized media site would not get the state sponsors or huge state sponsored companies to want to get involved, there is no benefit for them to get a competing system in place.

Gilligan's picture

We need some kind of peer-to-peer system that cannot be

controlled by these companies.

Google is government.

I'm a sucker for social media...

I truly enjoy the idea behind it... but in 2012 I went all the way down the rabbit hole and learned about how the world really works. I posted dozens (maybe hundreds) of links on my facebook wall to stories on government corruption, bankster corruption, war-crimes, constitutional violations and other similar information. about 10-15% of my posts would disappear within a few minutes of posting... others would take a day or two... but a solid 75-80% of the stuff I posted was deleted with no explanation of any kind.

I quit using facebook at that time... used twitter until the IPO and then stopped using it as well. Now my only "social" presence online is here. (and you people don't talk to me so it's not very "social")

At their inceptions, the #Liberty, #OccupyWallStreet and #TeaParty movements all had the same basic goal... What happened?