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What business would you start if someone who believed in you offered to fund it?

My uncle makes a substantial income as a Company Man in the oil industry. He loves making money, and he and I have grown closer since I left the city and moved back to my hometown, a town of about 5000 people.

We always talk about a business we could start while playing golf, like flipping houses, renting houses, a BBQ Sports Bar, or a used car lot.

What business would you start if someone who believed in you offered to fund it? In other words, if you're an entrepreneur, what is your dream business?

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Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

I would start a tire recycling business

You get paid on both ends you get paid to haul the tires off $1.00 to $2.00 each then you get $8.00 to $13.00 per tire just for shredding into crumb rubber or selling to a power plant.

I would make new products out of them rubber mats rubber side walks, speed bumps, a road patching system, sound barriers, for freeways and airports, play ground mats, running tracks to many things to mention.
Best of luck to everyone.

Indoor skydiving tunnel or indoor shooting range

The nearest indoor skydiving tunnel from Iowa/the midwest is in Denver Colorado. These a huge money makers and an invaluable training tool for skydivers. Ive looked into franchising an indoor tunnel but the cost is so gigantic to get started that it is WELL beyond my range to even consider intitially.

Here in Des Moines we don't have an indoor shooting range open to the public, so that is my other idea for a private business, that I know would do extremely well, if I had the ability to raise the capital to open and build a new building.


...this confirms my guess.

There is a huge demand for business assistance. People want to start a business or create some type of organization or invent something. My dream business would help fulfill these demands. I want to have a place where people with the desire for entrepreneurial success can go to achieve it...like a business start-up incubator.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


In my opinion, investment in

In my opinion, investment in digital radio technologies employing FHSS which allow uncensored communication is vital. Notice the huge push to eviscerate the remaining crumbs of the Bill of Rights ... We need a much more advanced version of AirChat ...

Of course,

I'd love to get my invention patented and out on the market! BUT...my dream is a small organic (produce) vegetable/fruit farm, also including free-range chickens, a few goats, a few grass-fed cattle and most importantly including a water-wheel-powered grist meal...where spelt, the grain utilized by our ancestors, would be grown, ground and sold...sold as flour and sold already baked into loaves of bread. Produce would be sold fresh and already canned. I'd offer raw milk and goat's milk, too. The free-range eggs, which have more Vitamins A, E, beta-carotene and Omega 3's than store-bought eggs, would be available for sale, as well.

Thanks, OP. We all have to take a break now and again and dream a little...

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Whatever type of business you

Whatever type of business you want to be owned by! Good Luck :)

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Manufacturing is going to

Manufacturing is going to make a big come back after the dollar is no longer accepted as the worlds currency. It's only because we can pass off the fiat money that we have the cheap imported goods. It hasn't happened yet but there's plenty of manufacturing equipment for sale cheap out there and I would get into buying it up and setting up shop somewhere. You can start small by manufacturing little jobs and just keep buying a few "extra" pieces of working equipment when you have some cash. When the SHTF you will be positioned to be the one everyone comes to to get their whatsit fixed when it's broken. I'm mainly talking of machine tools for making metal parts but the same would hold true for plastic or maybe cement manufacturing...

Beware the cult of "government"...

Business Incubator (non-gov)

so that entrepreneurs do not have to go through the local central planners ( aka Mr Potter from 'It's a Wonderful Life'). They tie things up so that 'everything' goes through them. There are a lot of people with good ideas who just need a little help getting started and space to do it in. There are a lot of schools being torn down (replaced by Fema schools...) or given away to developers. I say give them to local people who might just end up creating a great business and employing others in their community.

I have a few product ideas I would like to manufacture. One is not my idea but someone else's who will not do anything with it (would be a great product, home construction related). I would offer to buy the idea and give him a royalty agreement if he would allow me to do something with it. The other ideas are mine, a few retail items for pets. I am a middle-aged dog lover and there are specific things I look for for my kids - errrr - dogs and cannot find them anywhere.

I am not young enough for a few ideas I have but I do see a lot of opportunities around here for someone who has the stamina for hard work and the willingness to commit. BTDT and have the t-shirt... Too much for the stage of life I am in.

I have a niche product retail idea but am still working on that one in my head so for now I will leave it... in my head. =)

I see opportunites everywhere, it's taxes and ridiculous regulation that hinders. As we all know here, the control freaks are murdering small business in America for BIG business, that's the plan. Just take poke around your state's economic development "authority" website and see who your governor appointed to serve on the boards (these are the people who make the decisions about where a lot of grant money & government resources go...).

OH another great mind!



Alternative medicine shop

a place where you can find ancient remedies, or seeds to grow your own. Id sell kits (mycology, hydroponics, etc), books on anything from science to magic(I believe in the placebo effect) dealing with the subjects of modern nutrition to making herbal tinctures. Supplements like creatine and protein shakes would also be sold next to vitamins and minerals. It could be a place where pagans and excercise buffs alike could shop together.
Then, when TX legalizes MJ, I will have a shop to sell from. Oh.. I will also sell shirts.

-Matthew Good

Building a 3-D printing manufacturing center

For local businesses and residents. Need a special tool? Come on down to Ptpete25's 3-d printing center. Give us a design or problem set and well help you find a solution. No more ordering parts from China, at PTPete25's we can make those parts cheap.

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito."

I have four in mind..

First I'd love to start company where we built 'pole houses' rather than pole barns. You don't have hardly any money in dirt work, you don't have to level out your building lots, it works great for cheaper lots that aren't level, not much concrete involved, better in tornadoes than stick built homes, goes up quick, and can be very quick while using smaller crews. Even one person can handle the materials involved with building a pole home.

I'd like to buy as much material as possible from Craigslist and closeouts, perhaps even having someone full time searching for great material deals. These savings would be passed along to the buyers which would help people get into homes much cheaper.

Secondly I'd like to have a huge open building built out of an old chicken house frame building. Probably 40 foot wide and 120 foot long. We would like to start a saw mill to help put some of the timber to use around our neck of the woods. The closest sawmill is about sixty miles away from here. It could even be one of those great portable ones. When you weren't charging people an hourly rate, you could be making your own post for your pole/post/timber frame home business, as long as we could find someone to grade the lumber. This can be quite seasonal, so part three fits in well with this.

Thirdly we'd like to get some good greenhouses going for general veggies and plants to sell during the grow season, and then we'd like to raise enough to sell to local restaurants and make a good income, concentrating on tomatoes, peppers, squash, and zucchini. Of course all of this would be 'organic' as possible, and possibly more efficient by using aquaponics to help grow catfish and tilapia. I also have a perfect spot to raise fresh water prawn.

Fourthly, would be to finalize my dream of the "Liberty Cafe", here in my small town. We have one small place to eat and it is terrible. I realize the population is small, BUT there are hundreds of people from all around that work in the local oil and natural gas fields. There is definitely a market for a Cafe that could also help teach people about 'Liberty' in the process. I'd love to accept pre 1965 change at the spot rate, and be able to advertise (in house) a catfish dinner for say..$1.00 Imagine the lessons about the Fed, inflation, and so forth that could be started by explaining why someone can pay four quarters for the same dinner you just paid $10 to eat. Might get people to start bringing in enough silver to actually give change in silver too. I already own the building downtown for this one. It was the old post office and needs a crap load of clean out and work, but it is the perfect place. It would hold regular 'cafe' hours, as in open from 6am-2pm Monday thru Saturday, and then open for dinner Friday and Saturday nights with some sort of special to draw people in. Around here if you can establish a good catfish special, you can make it. Perhaps one night is catfish and the other nights rotate..who knows.

Anyway, that's the businesses that would be great around here, and eventually I'd like to get them going. Not looking to be rich, but rather to educate people and to help house people without them needing to be in debt to bankers for the rest of their lives. I will eventually develop our land into large 5 acre lots for retirement. We have some beautiful land with great views, it's very beautiful. Plan to build 6 nice timber frame homes and then sell them eventually, or let the kids buy them at my cost at some point down the road.

The Market

It would be a store where the prices would be adjusted automatically by software that I would design.

I would seek to find the market price, M, where the profit, P, is maximized (ie dP/dM = 0) based on several variables such as inventory costs, shelf space, rate of sales, etc which I would weight through the continual analysis and modeling of real-time data.

In this way, the consumers would drive the prices. Of course, a baseline price would be set as a threshold where the minimal acceptable profit would be realized, so that no losses would be incurred if demand fell significantly.

It would be interesting to see where all the prices would end up - as some would be lower and some would be higher than most other places.

Software developement...

...is where it's at!

If you can develop software, you are a potential gold mine!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


A drive thru bikini barista

A drive thru bikini barista stand, and place it near an industrial area or military base.

...or college campus!

Sex sells! Growing up in a small town, I've always been a fan of drive thru's! I don't know why they're not more popular in big cities??? We have drive thru party shacks in South Texas! I think this model of convenient stores would work well near college campuses.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Nah, college boys don't have

Nah, college boys don't have any money and they actually have a chance of getting some ass from a lady in her prime. It's the middle aged men that have the desire and means to pay for the fantasy.

How about a drive thru

How about a drive thru topless barista stand?

That would be great, but it

That would be great, but it would be hard with opponents trying to have you shut down. My town had a adult bookstore once, and they were driven out of business by local politics.

Sexy outfits and cleavage seems to fly though, as there are a few of those stands in my area, and they are always busy. You don't even have to have the best (expensive) location compared to a regular espresso stand, as word gets around where you are. Also a lot of guys don't want there vehicles seen by their old hag wife passing by on a busy street.

Converting cars to electric cars

I would also make the charging station for them with solar cells and a windmill.I have the knowledge just not the capital.

Put me on the list

for an 80's model Fiat Spyder conversion. I dream of having one.

Im starting my own company.

Ive worked for myself most of my life. I even had a lemonade stand at 11 yrs old.

I found a niche that nobody has marketed correctly. Im still in the planning phase. The margins are absolutely insane. I am testing it retail at our studio, then going to rent a kiosk in the mall.. then selling it wholesale and/or franchising the brand. Then I want to open a accessories store marketed to women 16-24. Then sell it to Les Wexner and retire.


'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

A youth center.

I'd open up a coffeehouse with internet, books, activities, maybe some games to check out. I know almost all the kids in town, it would be fun. Maybe some of them will grow up to be part of the liberty party, who knows?

There's absolutely nothing for kids to do in my very small, rural town of 2000 people. No pool, no park, the library is a trailer with boarded up windows because some vandals broke in. There are no programs, except HS athletics, there's nothing to keep them interested, engaged, and out of trouble.

I raised two teens here, and just about everyone in town lives under the poverty line, 90% of the kids get free lunches, but that's about it when it comes to activities. Almost all the parents around here work, so the kids have a lot of free time on their hands, and I know most of them because of my own kids.



That's an easy question to answer....

A non-government owned, privately financed Earth-based Space Experience and Development Complex incorporated with a Space Vehicle Launch Facility. The launch facility would accommodate vertical and horizontal launched, expendable and reusable, unmanned and human rated, orbital and sub-orbital launch vehicles.

The facility would be a model for environmentally sensitive construction, and include the option for renewable energy as a power source, water conservation and water reuse, and would incorporate design features that take advantage of passive heating and cooling attributes of its location.

Coherent and collaborative strategies for coordinating inventors, scientists, and researchers, driven to create new and innovate existing technologies, would create a viable outlet for an increased effort in Education in Math and Science.

More people involved with terrestrial and extraterrestrial exploration reside on planet Earth. The underlying premise of the projected complex would be that Space technologies and Earth Sciences would productively co-exist and thrive. THE COMPLEX would be the planet’s first ecological/environmental purposed developed earth/space colony to be named THE EARTHPORT COMPLEX.

If your uncle is ready to take the leap, here are some numbers for him:

Land acquisition $300 Million
Infrastructure (on site/off site) $150 Million
Facility $ 75 Million
Operations $ 25 Million
Contingencies $150 Million

Give or take a $100 Million, that comes to approximately $700 Million … out the door.

Just give me a call when he’s ready.

I stood before the man and felt his breath on my face. In his eyes I saw …. A warrior.


I love makeing my own whiskey. I'd LOVE to do it for a living!

I would start an Aquaponics business

i would sell to local restaurants and promote the locavior movement. This helps both the farmer and preparer in the food business.

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)


It has been a dream of mine for a Long time to start a camp for juvenile addicts and kids getting into trouble young. A place where parents could send them where they could be away from the daily stressors and pressures and work outside and be around animals, learning responsibility and integrity while also getting therapy in one on one and group sessions. I think it would be cool to work with the justice system as well so that non violent offenders- mostly drugs- would be sent there instead of jail or back to unsupportive homes with no structure or responsibility. I have always had a heart for addicts, especially teenagers.

Cryptocurrency trading desk

LTC, DOGE, BTC. Whatever coin, I think they are the future. Wish I had the intelligence to make a coin myself. I would design it around DNA biology and make a coin that produces all the dna of a certain creature so people can literally mix and match to make sequence changes through simulation.

2nd. I have always been obsessed with biology and wanting recreate DNA by cataloging all the DNA of every single animal and use reduction methylation to take them back in time.

Ex. Humans share 99% of the dna with an animal - so you would shut off that 1% and match the chromosomes to see if you can make a human fetus turn into a monkey to effectively reproduce evolution and make it falsifiable. (George Church of Harvard is already doing something very much like this)

(ID site for those that are hard agnostics/atheist)

Wonderful question/thread.