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Wow...6 years!

Just happened to look at my calendar to see that I've been with DP for 6 years!!! Wow...time sure flies when your flushing the coolaid from you system...

Thanks to everyone here for making me smarter and more aware of what's real and what's fake in this world. Now, if I could just buy everyone a cold beer to celebrate...

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Congratulations! All together now...

Cheers bcfast!

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Happy Birthday!

And many happy returns.

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You made me check my own membership....6Y 4M 4D today, so CHEERS! Here's to us!

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Ya, if you could buy everyone

Ya, if you could buy everyone a cold beer you'd be broke!! ;)


how time flies.

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Congratulations 6-year old!

Congratulations 6-year old!

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