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VIDEO: GenOpp Google Hangout with Sen. Paul- May 7, 2014

VIDEO: GenOpp Google Hangout with Sen. Paul- May 7, 2014


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Rand does a

fairly good job at explaining the rights granted by the Constitution, but then he says he is mixed about Snowden, who took an oath to abide by this Supreme Law and exposed the governments failure to follow this Law. He also, tends to put too much emphasis on the courts and attorneys, where the Judges are appointed by the government, and the attorneys are many times, in collusion with their 'brotherhood' in the courts. He mentioned how the unconstitutional FISA courts work, but never said that their actions usurp the Americans guaranteed protections of the Constitution. Also, when he mentioned those who are 'priveledged' to actually go before a court and ask for proof of the records used to apprehend them. The reason they can't produce these records is, because they reside in the hands of the Israeli's, that was exposed in the Snowden releases. I would like to see somebody ask one of these politicians on camera, why our data is being sent to Israel, and what business is it of theirs to look at our data! I can give you a tip, it's clearly found in Revelations. Zionist followers and atheists can refute it for different reason, but can you present empirical evidence proving it's incorrect?

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Very interesting...