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Vying for the Governator's Endorsement at CNN Faux Debate

Did anyone notice the set up to this debate, physically that is? Anderson Cooper was seated adjacent to the GOP Presidential Candidates while separated from two other hosts, serving as moderator. These hosts were then seated with the useless
nominees -Mccain and Romney- directly in front of them. Dr. Paul was behind McLiberal Mccain, who then had the evangelical rat Hucklebee parroting over his shoulder.

A. Cooper made several legitimate, if not hasted, questions of our candidate; yet these two additional hosts lead the majority of
debating between two bickering and manipulative "front-runners"; who hold the status only by the mercy of main stream media [you know who you are: Time Warner, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, ABC, etc]. These illegitimate representatives of American concerns, MSM, have propped up two certain GOP losers against Hillary's candidacy. Who do they think they're fooling? Surely American will not succumb to a slight of hand so obvious as this?!

While the set up isn't entirely important, to the observer, it seems like these two useless questioners were interviewing rather than debating, McLibs and Romney.

...and from the majority of time these two fools were given, California's Governator [A. Schwarzenegger] was given to choose whom he would support in the upcoming election.

California is a large state, with plenty of delegates up for grabs. Arnold is very popular and his endorsement will mean a lot to Californians. This being said, We the Liberty Revolutionaries, must contact and persuade the Governator to reconsider his endorsement. Even more importantly, we must contact Californians themselves to repair the damage caused to Dr. Paul by this disrespect.

I've already written a letter to Arnold, you must do the same. I'm certain, if we flood Arnie with pressure, he'll take us into consideration... if not, at least he'll know we exist, know we are to be feared!

So get out there Revolutionaries of Liberty... let your Voice of Freedom ring!! Will we be forgotten without fighting for our cause?! Even Fidel Castro -that Cuban dictator- won his right to be Freedom... surely we're no less capable.

Delegate, Vote, Caucus, Call, E-mail, Canvass, Donate: Be HEARD, Be Seen, Be Active. Our chance is now, if only we are ready and brave enough to grasp it!!

-A message from a fellow Dr. Paul supporter.

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I don't think he will be swayed

Schwarzenegger will endorse John McCain on Thursday.

Of course..

Of course he won't be swayed; his wife is a Kennedy. Sadly, that family refuses to acknowledge why John Kennedy was murdered: he issued currency backed U.S. bank notes instead of Federal Reserve notes (of indebtedness) which stabilized the monetary system and undercut the international banking cartels. No, Ahnold is just as big a traitor/coward/whore as Guiliani, Romney, McCain, Hillary, etc...don't have any high hopes for someone with such low esteem and who tries to borrow California out of debt by purchasing bonds (creating paper 'money' out of thin air).

Ahnold is the son of a Nazi SS officer...

And he will go right along with the Fourth Reich/NWO agend all the way. If you haven't seen this video of journalist and former Presidential candidate John Buchanan talking about the Bush family's Nazi connections, check it out.


Our "government" brought Nazi scientists and high-level officials here (Operation Paperclip) after the war was "over" and they were largely responsible for starting the CIA, NASA, etc. Even Hitler, IMO, escaped and lived to a ripe old age, probably in Argentina. To go even deeper down the rabbit hole, evidence suggests that Hitler was an illegitimate Rothschild. The Rothschilds are the most prominent of the Central Bankers, who manipulate wars and then profit from them. Some things never change.

I would predict that Ahnold will endorse McShame. He probably even liked Ghouli better...