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Living in fear - the #1 cause of our problems?

We are afraid of EVERYTHING. Therefore Big Brother has to be everywhere, all the time, to calm our fears that we are vulnerable and helpless. There is no real debate about domestic spying and overreach. Most people just want to tinker with the details. Even conservatives secretly love the warm fuzzy blanket around them.

Many spiritual gurus of different sorts teach the idea that fear is the major impediment to whatever sort of spiritual path they advocate. Fear doesn't just keep you from doing things. It gums up the works, so that you aren't you, you're weak, you're a slave in every way imaginable, and you accept it.

And we are indeed helpless. Walk around any medium to large sized city in this country, and almost everyone you encounter can barely even walk. They certainly can't run or defend themselves, and they aren't carrying a weapon. No wonder they're scared out of their minds. I don't mean just the elderly who are waging a battle with time. I mean almost everyone, except some males around the age of 30 who are old enough to have grown up when kids were supposed to play outside and get hurt and were too young to be around when people grew up marveling at the TV propaganda anchors bringing them truth. Females got screwed, because it's unladylike to be powerful.

What would happen if we were not afraid?

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The rational person fears everything...

..in direct proportion to its actual danger.

Based on the relevant data of the last decade or so, as a human being living in the united States I am fifty times likelier to die of breast cancer than from "Ter'rism". And probably twice that of having a heart attack do me in. The reason fear is so popular is that it excites the adrenal glands. The mind speeds up and seeks out additional dangers, thus establishing a positive feedback loop. (aka "self-fulfilling prophecy" or "addiction")

People fall for hypervigilence for the same reason they fall for collectivism and mysticism. They don't understand arithmetic. Oh sure, they can add and subtract and maybe even pull off long division, but they have no visceral grasp of arithmetic relationships. Hence they spend 60% of their resources on 2% of their problems. It's like going after microbes with a sledge hammer.

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we must battle fear with love


“With laws shall our land be built up, but with lawlessness laid waste.”
-Njal Thorgeirsson

perfect love casts out fear

Jesus said to "fear not" more than anything else in the Bible.

Fear is the Enemy's #1 weapon. He used fear of inadequacy to get Eve to eat that apple. Fear keeps us from living boldly and is always in the way of positive change.

Tom Campbell was my first

Tom Campbell was my first encounter with the idea that love is the opposite of fear. I just listened to his books recently. Makes sense!

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What would happen if we were not afraid?

Everything, and anything could happen. New doorways, new pathways, new vistas, previously prohibited to us would open up.

I got a little sign when I was traveling once - I still have it that says:


Fear of failure is a big one for nearly everyone. It keeps people locked into old patterns of behavior that no longer serve them: In old jobs, relationships, living situations etc. that once served them, but no longer do.

"But if I quit, what will I do for money?"
"Who will love me if I leave?"

To not be afraid on a large scale means not being afraid on a small scale. Small actions that take big courage in daily life - telling someone you love them, for example - build up the courage for conquering large fears.

But to ask again: What would happen if we were not afraid?

That is unknown, and to most people, the unknown in and of itself is cause for fear.

So we must begin with baby steps. On thing at a time, building courage in our own lives, little by little.

Courage does not mean banishing fear, but feeling the fear, and acting in the face of it anyway.

To be mean is never excusable, but there is some merit in knowing that one is; the most irreparable of vices is to do evil out of stupidity. - C.B.

Great quote! I gotta find a

Great quote! I gotta find a painting or something with that on it.

I work a little every day to try to stay in a place mentally where I don't feel any kind of fear.