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YouTube Personality Surprises Homeless Man With a House


In March, YouTube personality Rahat Hossain pranked a homeless man named Eric by giving him a lottery ticket that ended up "winning" $1,000 at a convenience store in on the setup. It's a good-natured scheme, but it was Eric's insistence on sharing his winnings with Hossain that sent the video soaring to over 15 million views.

Due to the overwhelming response, Hossain set up a fundraiser for Eric that collected $44,000. This time, the prankster unveils his next surprise for his homeless friend, a newly furnished home with rent paid for a year and money for expenses.
Clothes Shopping With Eric

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The purpose of this campaign is to contribute to Eric, the man in my “Homeless Lottery Winner” video. A lot of you have given a tremendous amount of love and support for Eric and I wish to help even more, this time, with your help!
Homeless Lottery Winner


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Private charity trumps

Private charity trumps government programs everytime... My favorite is Salvation Army which has been proven over time to get the greatest percentage of donations to people who use it. I think the "CEO" of Salvation Army gets something like $30k per year whereas the "CEO" of Goodwill Industries gets something in the hundreds of thousands of $$...

Beware the cult of "government"...

What do you dislike most about America right now?


There is so much, fraud, theft, waste, corruption, incompetence and spiritual disease in America right now that this little corner of reality Rahat Hossain has created is refreshing.

The biggest philanthropists donate massive amounts of money to control and engineer the culture for their agendas.

Rahat Hossain has chosen to just help one person with nothing in it for him except to leave the world a little better off. And he's been willing to stay by Eric's side to help him with important decisions and choices. He didn't just do it for the glory shot and then abandon the guy.

Many of us help lots of other people who cross our paths.

But if everyone who is able, were to just pick one other person who needs support and friendship we wouldn't recognize the world.

Not selfless behavior

Who gives a homeless man $1,000 and videotapes himself doing that?

The organizer is doing it for himself. He definitely went for the WOW effect, but didn't seem concerned that after one year the person might not be able to afford the house. Not to mention when you tell someone "this is your house", that's very different from it being your house for one year.

doinmax , Gotta' get the word out right?

On his worst day Rahat Hossain is a whole lot better than what the gangsters in D.C. do with the poor.
This is personal.
It's about befriending someone.
Notice after Eric was jolted by the lottery ticket incident he went out and got a job.
Did you catch that in the video?
He was so proud of getting a job it was the first thing he talked about in the video.

See reality.
Oh and check this out: Ordinary folks who became millionaires on YouTube
What if Rahat Hossain could make millions from his channel to promote and sustain voluntary charity vs State run welfare?

Just $40K

TO do all of this for this man... The state can NEVER be this efficient in helping others... Just wow. That $40K can change his life forever...

How much was wasted on bailouts per person? How about bailouts Per homeless person in America?

Think about it..


Teary eyed. :)

why the hell aren't we doing this?

Let's organize something on the DP and do something like this for someone. I had to dust off the ole tear ducts for this one.

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

I agree

I have tears welling now.

It angers me, to think all this emotion over $1000 which is so small and insignificant to those who dictate things, but means so much to everybody else, and they toy with us to access their money. It Makes me sad and angry at the same time, because it shouldn't be like this.

"It came from everybody.."

Voluntary transactions ftw!

This makes me realize

How little I do for others

nice gut check

which is much needed

thank you

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Thanks for posting.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

The pleasure is mine. Glad

The pleasure is mine. Glad you enjoyed it.

OK...I'm crying now...

...so what? You get off on making grown people cry? Freakin' sadist...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Voluntary random

Voluntary random charity

The State

Where were the long lines,

Where were the long lines, the paperwork, the corruption, the red tape?

You mean a need was identified and people stepped up to meet that need?

But charity sucks..because reasons...and um...only the welfare state can meet the needs of the needy in society.

That is why despite incredible spending on "assistance" to the poor, there is no poverty or hunger or crime in 'murica.


only the welfare state can meet the needs of the needy in society.